Explain the benefits of two mass storage technologies namely: storage area network and network-attached storage.


1 There have been huge advances in the development of storage technologies since the early days of computing. Explain the benefits of two mass storage technologies namely: storage area network and network-attached storage.

2 Real-time operating systems are used to serve real-time applications which process data as it comes in, without buffering delays. Provide specific examples on the use of specific real-time operating systems that are not mentioned in the textbook.(( brookshear& brylow ,panko &panko, Laudon &Laudon)= text book authors, so you don’t use examples from this text book)

3 Cloud computing has gained a wide acceptance for organisations as well as individuals by introducing computation, storage and software based services. Explain the security and privacy issues in relation to the use of the cloud computing in the health sector.

4 In TCP/IP, the application layer contains the set of protocols used in the process-to-process communications across a computer network. Discuss the common standards at the application layer.

5 Adware is one of the top malicious threats today and has become from being merely an annoyance to a major security threat for organisations. This malware program is designed to render advertisements on end user systems. Provide specific examples of adware attacks and their implications.

6 Internet of Things (IoT) is a paradigm that is rapidly gaining ground in the scenario of modern wireless telecommunications. IoT is used to connect networked information systems and business processes. “Availability” and “Reliability requirements” are some of the key quality of service (QoS) metrics. Explain the impacts of Availability and Reliability requirements on IoT performance.

7 A mobile crowdsourcing system is a new form of commercial crowdsourcing system. Provide specific examples of organisations which use mobile crowdsourcing system to successfully improve their business operation.

8 The adoption of big data technology by organisations has led to better value creation at the customer and enterprise ends. Provide specific examples on the use of big data for value creation in sustainable organisations.

9 Software development activities such as requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance are carried out within a software development life cycle in an organisation. Discuss the main benefits of using agile process over incremental process.

10 Information technology is perceived as a potential solution for healthcare organisations to improve their services in the face of increased demand. Discuss organisational issues, with examples, in the adoption and implementation of information technology.

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