Explain how workarounds might affect potential patient safety issues.

Information Management and Patient Care Technology

Workflows and Workarounds in Nursing Practice To complete this assessment, read the following instructions then create your flowchart. 3 pages Scenario: You work for a busy clinic that has recently hired a number of new nurses. Your supervisor wants to get the new hires up to speed as quickly as possible and realized that some important workflows are not documented. Your supervisor has asked you and the other veteran nurses to select a process and create a flowchart that illustrates the process. She has also asked you to identify one commonly used workaround in your selected process. In response to your supervisor, you have decided to create a presentation that will document both the workflow and the workaround for the process you have chosen, as well as an analysis of how the workaround impacts the workflow flowchart. Reminder: Your presentation should contain the following sections: • Introduction (1-2 paragraph) Identify a workaround that is commonly used at your place of work, including a description of its impact on workflow processes. Explain how workarounds might affect potential patient safety issues. • Workaround Strategy (1 paragraph) Recommend at least one strategy that can be used to resolve the workaround. • Workflow (1 paragraph) Explain the workflow process affected by the workaround. Include a description of the process and its purpose. • Preliminary Flowchart (1 paragraph) Create a preliminary flowchart to illustrate the workflow process. The goal of this preliminary flowchart is just to get the process mapped out. You will add more detail in the final flowchart. • Final Flowchart (1-2 paragraphs) If you can, observe the process you are describing at your place of work and look for ways to improve the process. Also, look for ways to incorporate the workaround into the standard process. Consider checking with the EHR vendor for your clinic to see if they have suggestions for how to improve your workflow. Based on your findings, prepare a final flowchart that represents a thorough and complete illustration of the improved workflow process you have chosen—one that can quickly and efficiently get the new hires up to speed. • Discussion of Change in Flowchart (1-2 paragraph) Evaluate how your flowchart changed from the preliminary flowchart to the final flowchart in your presentation. Explain why these changes were made and how they affect the overall process you are describing. Analyze how these changes will contribute to increased efficiencies and workflow. • Strategies for Improved Workflow Processes (1-2 paragraphs) Analyze the challenges and possible impediments to the implementation of the revised workflow. Recommend a strategy to address these potential challenges. NOTE: Be sure to cite all references used on a reference slide when completing the Competency Assessment. An example of a full APA citation is included in the PowerPoint template for the Competency Assessment

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