. Evaluate the different types of assays typically used for assessing efficacy

Research the technique(s) commonly used in that area, and then write up a description including the steps involved in the method, applications and therapeutic potentials, advantages or disadvantages, and any other considerations that you may find pertinent to your topic. Your group will post your description write up in Session 5 Discussion Area as the topic of class discussions for that week.

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Introduction – You have just been hired as an R&D product manager at a Biotechnology company, Helix Inc. The R&D department is comprised of several labs. Your main goal is to identify a protein that can be moved up the product development chain as a potential vaccine candidate for Ebola/current outbreak. As a first step you need to take a tour of the company, specifically the R&D department, to see what tools are available to you to achieve the goal.

In today’s fast-paced world of outbreaks and regional occurrences of neglected tropical diseases, at times companies may need to develop a therapeutic/vaccine or assess the potential of existing targets including any ethical considerations that may apply to the use of such targets. Companies may have several labs in R&D and in order to understand and utilize the tools at hand effectively it is important to understand what information can be gleaned from various techniques and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The skills that you will develop include scientific concepts, techniques used in biotechnology, critical thinking, communication and ethics evaluation and assessment of technologies used to develop the candidate vaccines.

Steps to Completion:

Part 1-Techniques Description Write Up

You will do a rotation in each of the 5 R&D labs (see links below). The labs are focused on:

1. Recombinant DNA/cloning lab

2. Genomics Lab

3. Transcriptomics Lab

4. Proteomics Lab

5. Biotechnology (Molecular Biology/Biochemistry/Immunology)

Week 2: Watch all videos and read the written descriptions of the techniques routinely performed in each of the labs.

Week 3: Select one of the 5 R&D labs, focusing on the techniques presented.

Week 5: Write and post a description (700-800 words limit) on the techniques, describing the methods, applications in biotechnology, and their potential in research and development of new drugs and vaccines.

Week 6: Take a quiz on the concepts reviewed in 1A-1C

Part 2-PowerPOint Presentation

The 6th lab handles animal studies. The company uses a mouse model for Ebola/current outbreak vaccine development but you can choose the type of assay (immune vs. survival) that you would like to use. Your boss has asked you to provide a short power point presentation describing the pros and cons of each and which one you would like to use. Locally, there have been protests against the use of animals for research so you need to provide ethical justification for your choice. To complete this project you will:

a. Evaluate the different types of assays typically used for assessing efficacy

b. Review the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of assays

c. Balance the ethical considerations against the needed outcome

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