Evaluate one strength and one limitation in using social learning theory in developing a prevention program.

Social workers employ theories to inform prevention efforts and programs. Theories help to conceptualize the problem targeted for prevention, which ultimately supports and shapes strategies to prevent the identified problem. By identifying the theorys specific concepts and constructs, social workers can incorporate them into successful prevention planning. For example, note the specific concepts of Banduras theory in Table 1 on page 327 in Allen and Solomons article. The authors illustrate how the theorys concepts and constructs are aligned with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) best practice for violence prevention and then how this is translated into Edutainment, a specific prevention program. Social workers are also involved in the evaluation of programs to ensure they are effective. For example, a social worker might want to evaluate the effectiveness of group discussions by using a quasi-experimental method. Based on the goal(s) of the group, the social worker would identify outcomes to be measured before and after the clients participated in the group. The outcomes might reflect the constructs of the theory. For example, if the theory is self-efficacy theory, then perhaps the outcome to be measured revolves around the clients skills and feelings of competency acquired. The instrument measuring the outcomes would be administered to participants before the group started and then after completion of the group. Whether a program is being created or evaluated, theory is an important part of the process. In this Discussion, you have the opportunity to examine one prevention program and how social learning theory was used to inform the development of that program. To prepare: Review the following article listed in the Learning Resources: Allen, V. D., & Solomon, P. (2016). EVIPEdutainment violence intervention/prevention model. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 26(3/4), 325335. doi:10.1080/10911359.2015.1129251 By Day 3 Post: Summarize Banduras social learning theory in 23 sentences. Witnessing violence is the social problem being addressed with this prevention program. After reviewing the authors literature about the impact of witnessing violence, explain the extent to which it makes sense to frame this social problem using social learning theory. After reviewing Table 1, recommend and describe two additional prevention strategies for Edutainment. Explain how these two prevention strategies are aligned with Banduras theory. Imagine you are an evaluator, and then identify a specific outcome that you would measure if you were to evaluate Edutainments group discussion. Remember that the outcome should be aligned with social learning theory. Evaluate one strength and one limitation in using social learning theory in developing a prevention program.

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