Environmental health justice

Environmental health justice Nearly every indicator for quality of life is much lower for indigenous people than those of most of the non-indigenous populace. Important environmental determinants sit alongside social, political and historical influences. The Uwankara Palyanyku Kanyintjaku [UPK] research identified health problems which can be reduced by implementation of nine Healthy Living Standards [Npanampa Health Council in 1987Keleher & MacDougall 2011]. Discuss how failure of two of these Healthy Living standards can increase the incidence of a specific pathology How and why does inability to wash people and to wash clothes and bedding increase the incidence of S aureus [impetigo/cellulitis]? How and why does failure to remove waste safely from house and surrounds increase the risk of hookworm, especially in infants? identify the causative agent of two diseases outline the spread and pattern of the illnesses between individuals and groups outline the pattern of the illnesses in the Australian populace identify if any particular groups or populations are at greater risk Primary prevention is directed at the stage of susceptibility to try and prevent the disease from occurring. Secondary prevention is aimed at the subclinical stage to try and prevent clinical disease / decrease severity of disease when it emerges. Tertiary prevention applies to the clinical stage and is aimed at preventing / minimising the progression of disease. Rheumatic Heart Disease has become less important in mainstream Australian society but is regrettably common in the indigenous community. Explain why this disease has almost disappeared in the white population and then discuss methods of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention today.

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