Environment friendly with human focus on health concern and family target (pet, children)

Do only the price section follow this information and attaching file. Detailed description of assessment. Please go and see more information in website. Ecovative (www.ecovativedesign.com) is an North American based company who have invented and patented a new insulation technology product that is eco-friendly. (TED Talks Season 24 Episode 10.01.10 “ Eben Bayer: Are mushrooms the new plastic?) They are seeking to develop worldwide impact by promoting the use of their technology (product and process) as a replacement to traditional use of toxic chemicals and plastics such as formaldehyde and Styrofoam. Watch the video, peruse the website. Take a look at the five current applications that mycelium can be used for. Now consider this in UK. Research and discuss with your syndicate what agricultural by products are in abundance and which might be suitable for use with mycelium. Then research and discuss which industrial/manufacturing sector in UK would be an appropriate market to target. Another individual should have responsibility for researching: The Price element of the Marketing Mix “ This should include among other things: Can you identify price points for current supplies? Can you identify the elements of costs to be considered such as shipping/transportation? What is the value to the customer of his current supply vs. mycelium products? How will using mycelium products improve his value chain from manufacture to end customer? Improve by create the product that can water proof Environment friendly with human focus on health concern and family target (pet, children)

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