early years an infant mental health

early years an infant mental health part(1) prepare and deliver a five minute presentation on the key points from a chapter selected from the recommended reading. Say how you think the findings or conclusions apply to the case studies and how your reading has helped your understanding. Select a chapter or an article from the recommended reading relate to the case study, explain how the secure and in secure attachment theory relate, brain development work you should submit a 1000 word document which explains your main points in more details Please use sources from 2009 to date at least 6 journals Case study 1 Chanelle Chanelle is 14 months old. She lives with her mother Emma who is 18 years old in temporary accommodation provided by the local authority, following Emma moving away from her ex partner, Danny aged 30 (Chanelle’s father). Danny had assaulted Emma on several occasions, including when she was pregnant with Chanelle. He is wanted by the police who have grounds for arrest. Emma has contact with DC Sonia Bickerson from the police Domestic Violence Unit, who had referred Chanelle to the children’s social care department, but they have not become involved due to Emma taking protective action by moving away from Danny. Emma has not yet registered with a new GP locally. Emma has moved from the area, where she grew up, about 25 miles away. She has two older brothers with whom she has little contact. Her mother died when Emma she was fifteen, following years of ill health. Emma then moved in with Danny, a friend of her brother, who she had been going out with since she was 13. Danny seemed to provide Emma with some emotional security, but this subsequently became an abusive relationship. Emma lives in fear of Danny returning. She has used alcohol since she first met Danny but didn’t drink during her pregnancy. Her intake has recently increased. She drinks cider throughout the day. Chanelle is small for her age, is not yet walking, and sits in her baby chair in front of the TV for most of the day. She looks sad and with drawn and Sonia has noticed on her last visit that Emma did not respond to Chanelle when she was wimpering, but that when Emma got up from the sofa Chanelle flinched and looked afraid. Sonia asked Emma whether she gets angry with Chanelle. Emma became very upset and said that Chanelle was deliberately difficult with feeding; she refused food and then it was wasted. Emma said she did loose her temper at times and needed help. Sonia suspects that Emma is drinking but Emma has denied alcohol misuse. Emma agreed to Sonia speaking to Chanelle’s health visitor and also agreed to register with a new GP. Assessment 002- 1,500 words This should be an evidence based account of your learning in relation to helping infants and parent/carers, to enhance positive infant mental health. 1. Introduction (250 words approx) 2. Justify your choice of intervention which you would use to support a secure attachment between the child and the care giver in the case ” Referencing Requirements: Indicated resources Barlow, J. and Schrader McMillan, A. (2010) Safeguarding Children from Emotional Maltreatment “ what works, London: Jessica Kingsley. Available as an ebook in MyiLibrary. 1. Berlin, L., Yair , Z., Amaya-Jackson, L. & Greenberg, M.(eds) (2005) Enhancing Early Attachments. New York: Guilford Press. 2. Cassidy, J. And Shaver, P.R. (eds) (2008) Handbook of Attachment . 2nd ed. New York: Guilford Press. 3. Chapter 15 Intimate Child Protection Practice in Ferguson, H. Child Protection Practice,Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 4. Goodman, S. and Trowler,S (eds) (2012) Social Work Reclaimed . London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers 5. Gagnon-Oosterwaal.N, Cossette, L. Smolla, Nicole, Pomerleau, A. a, Malcuit, G. 6. Chicoine J. c, Belhumeur, C. Jéliu,G, Bégin. J, & Séguin,R. 7. 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