Discussion of emerging technologies that will affect the future of healthcare services.

how is cloud storage will effect on healthcare environment
alredy done this paper with writer(W25133) but the revision time is over , so I am submitting the paper to edit and below guidelines to first 5 pages to show the track for future research paper. so most the rest of the paper wont be touched which will discuss the cloud in health care ,but we need to understand the guideline below to show the map for rest of the papers. Ia m going to submit two papers one for jehad ( need to ediit )and forhabib ( will show u the structure jehad’s paper should be like) ======================== You need to expand the proposal document to address the three areas as agreed upon below. The paper you sent potentially addresses one area and that was in need of modification. I am attaching a recent Habib ‘s proposal to show you that they are more complete than yours are because they include discussion of the three research problems. You can finish the course with a less complete version than the final proposal I have attached but the basic structure should be resolved in this course. I am providing description of the 3 essays with a few additional edits that I hope will clarify those areas further. 1- Research question about the importance of Cloud in healthcare industry. In that context you can examine how the market and technology have been modified to fit this specific environment. This is best done via a structured literature review. I envision a table listing applications, a clustering of the applications based on their application or technology (as you develop the work which is best will be clear), and then a set of tables listing advantage and risks for each cluster. 2- Presentation of one the technologies used to improve cloud storage in Healthcare field using a case study approach. This is fine and the burden is finding an interesting and relevant case that addresses an unresolved research hypothesis. 3- Discussion of emerging technologies that will affect the future of healthcare services. What is the research question? This is best done via a retrospective literature review with timeline showing how technology changes have resulted in improved service delivery in one venue such as hospitals or ERs or physician practices. Then examine emerging technologies and suggest how they are likely to affect the delivery of services in the near future.

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