Discuss what is known about the concept or topic

Early assessment for health-related concerns (i.e. depression in teenagers; suicide prevention for the elderly)


Assignment Requirements Criteria for Content Review literature or reflect on an experience that is related to common concepts and topics specific to the nurse practitioner track. Reflect on an area of passion that facilitated your track selection. Identify a common practice issue/concern related to nurse practitioner practice.  Be sure to provide speaker’s notes for all slides except the title and reference slides. List of Possible Topics (Links to an external site.) Creating a Professional Presentation (Links to an external site.) In a PowerPoint Presentation, address the following: Introduction to presentation Explain the importance of master’s-prepared nurses engaging in scholarship related to nursing practice and profession. Discuss a model for developing an evidence-based project (The John’s Hopkins or Advancing Research and Clinical Practice through Close Collaboration (ARCC) Models are possible options or you may select another model you find in the literature). 2. Include illustration (diagram) of model Introduce general area of interest related to nurse practitioner practice 3. Discuss what is known about the concept or topic 4. Provide common themes, ideas, or facts found in literature Identify a specific common issue/concern related to your general area of interest. Provide a recommendation for positive change related to the identified issue/concern. Consider factors that might influence the recommended change 5. Identify at least two (2) internal factors that have the potential to influence the change. 6. Identify at least two (2) external factors that have the potential to influence the change. 7. Identify two (2) NONPF Competencies that address or support an evidence-based project related to your area of interest. 8. Conclusion to presentation 9. Provide references  Preparing the paper Submission Requirements Application: Use Microsoft Power Point™ to create the PowerPoint presentation.  Length: The PowerPoint presentation must be 12 total slides (excluding title and reference slides).   Speaker notes are used and include in-text citations when applicable. A minimum of four (4) scholarly literature references must be used. Submission: Submit your file: Last name_First initial_Wk5Assessment_Area of Interest.  Best Practices in Preparing the Project The following are best practices in preparing this project: Review directions thoroughly. Follow submission requirements. Make sure all elements on the grading rubric are included. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal, scientific writing. Review the Creating a Professional Presentation located in Program Resources. Ideas and information that come from scholarly literature must be cited and referenced correctly. A minimum of four (4) scholarly literature references must be used Abide by CCN academic integrity policy.

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