Discuss the value of this topic in today’s publication. Is it repeated, is it goanna add more value to scientific publication?

– Abstract:
– In this part, you forgot to mention the main traditional use and current therapeutic applications of ergot, which are the main focus of the article.

– Some of the information’s about the article are present in detail in the summary part so, to avoid repetition, I hope you can make it more general.

– In the last lines of the abstract part please add more on what is the purpose of this “essay paper” and what will contain or discuss.

2-Peer Review

– In this parts you have define the peer review. I want to add to the first paragraph of this section (very briefly 2 lines) the process steps and please provide the citation

– In the second paragraph “Despite the fact that work that has passed through the peer review process may not be regarded as wholesomely conclusive or correct in every detail, it nonetheless provides an assurance of having met scientific standards” please explain why it can pass wrong. For example, professional works in very short time.

Also, add that peer review helps improve the presentation (language …etc.) readable to the reader.

– About the (pontille and torny ) is this the right citation ?

2- Critique
Weakness of the article

– The author didn’t mention the doses of drugs in most parts “ you can add this comment after the part that discuss the missing statistical, topological properties of drug ” ……

3- Final evaluation

-Discuss the value of this topic in today’s publication. Is it repeated, is it goanna add more value to scientific publication? Provide citation if possible

-Please add one more point and discuss it a paragraph >> “this article lack more information about the history and traditional use of ergot in different system Chinese, Ayurveda” as this an important things in the journal of ethnopharmacology.

Please writer, read the follow which explains the purpose of this journal to give you more idea “The Journal of Ethnopharmacology publishes original articles concerned with the observation and experimental investigation of the biological activities of plant and animal substances used in the traditional medicine of past and present cultures. The journal will particularly welcome interdisciplinary papers with an ethnopharmacological, anethnobotanical or an ethnochemical approach to the study of indigenous drugs. Reports of anthropological and ethnobotanical field studies fall within the journal’s scope. Studies involving pharmacological andtoxicological mechanisms of action are especially welcome. Clinical studies on efficacy will be considered if contributing to the understanding of specific ethnopharmacological problems. The journal welcomes review articles in the above mentioned fields especially those highlighting the multi-disciplinary nature of ethnopharmacology. Commentaries are by invitation onl”.

4- Comments to author
Add that he should emphasize on the traditional and history (1 line)

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