Discuss the importance of goal setting within the therapeutic relationship and explain how this is related to the process of implementation.

Directions: Please answer the following short response questions. Each question should have a 6 to 8 sentence paragraph response. Remember to support your work with APA references and in-text citations. Please visit the Academic Resource Center for concise APA guidelines.

1. Discuss the critical aspects of the therapeutic alliance that make it so important to the counseling relationship.

2. Discuss the various types of coping techniques. Which do you think would be most problematic in a counseling setting?

3. Discuss the importance of goal setting within the therapeutic relationship and explain how this is related to the process of implementation.

4. Discuss the importance of counselors and offenders working together in the therapeutic relationship and maintaining active involvement with the process.

5. During the termination of the counseling relationship, what are the main goals for both the counselor and offender?

6. Explain why behavior therapy may be very successful in some circumstances. Also, identify several circumstances in which behavior therapy may not be successful. Why?

7. Discuss the basic tenets of cognitive therapy. Why, in your opinion, was much of Beck’s work concerned with depression?

8. Explain the basic premise of reality therapy. Discuss two of the techniques you think would be most effective with offenders.

9. Explain the basic premise of Gestalt therapy. Discuss the importance of the Impasse.

10. Explain, using your own words, why the therapeutic alliance is so important in confronting offenders.


Directions: Review “The Case of Mike” on page 135 of the text. Develop a treatment plan for Mike. Your final document should be at least 2-3 pages and adhere to APA standards, including in text citations. Please visit the Academic Resource Center for concise APA guidelines.

Mike is a 20-year-old male who has just recently
been released from jail. Mike is technically on
probation for car theft, though he has been
involved in crime to a much greater extent.
Mike has been identified as a cocaine user and
has been suspected, though not convicted, for
dealing cocaine. Mike has been tested for drugs
by his probation department and was found
positive for cocaine. The county has mandated
that Mike receive drug counseling but the drug
counselor has referred Mike to your office
because the drug counselor suspects that Mike
has issues beyond simple drug addiction. In
fact, the drug counselor’s notes suggest that
Mike has Narcissistic personality disorder.
Mike seems to have little regard for the
feelings of others. Coupled with this is his com-
plete sensitivity to the comments of others. In
fact, his prior fiancé has broken off her relation-
ship with him due to what she calls his “constant
need for admiration and attention. He is com-
pletely self-centered.” After talking with Mike,
you quickly find that he has no close friends. As
he talks about people who have been close to
him, he discounts them for one imperfection or
another. These imperfections are all considered
severe enough to warrant dismissing the person
entirely.Mike makes a point of noting how many
have betrayed their loyalty to him or have other-
wise failed to give him the credit that he deserves.
When asked about getting caught in the
auto theft, he remarks that “well my dumb partner got me out of a hot situation by driv-
ing me out in a stolen get-a-way car.” (Word
on the street has it that Mike was involved in a
sour drug deal and was unlikely to have made
it out alive if not for his partner.) Mike adds,
“you know, I plan everything out perfectly,
but you just cannot rely on anybody . . . if
you want it done right, do it yourself.”
Mike recently has been involved with
another woman (unknown to his prior fiancé)
who has become pregnant. When she told
Mike he said “tough, you can go get an abor-
tion or something, it isn’t like we were in love
or something.”Then he laughed at her and told
her to go find some other guy who would
shack up with her.
Incidentally, Mike is a very attractive
man and he likes to point that out on occasion.
“Yeah, I was going to be a male model in L. A.,
but my agent did not know what he was
doing . . . could never get things settled out
right . . . so I had to fire him.” Mike is very
popular with women and has had a constant
string of failed relationships due to what he
calls “their inability to keep things exciting.”
As Mike puts it “hey, I am too smart for
this stuff. These people around me, they don’t
deserve the good life cause they’re a bunch of
dummies. But me, well I know how to run
things and get over on people. And I am not
about to let these dummies get in my way.I got
it all figured out . . . see?”

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