Discuss systems influences on your public health issue, including proposing a plausible adaptive challenge and a few technical problems

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Use credible sources that everyone can access, Submit about 2 single-spaced pages Discuss systems influences on your public health issue, including proposing a plausible adaptive challenge and a few technical problems (Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Ch 1-5). Include a one paragraph synthesis of your group’s 3 best original research articles analyzing the issue. (See synthesis examples immediately below.) Identify a high-potential leverage area for which you’ll research an intervention, drawing on your research studies. Describe a specific community/organization you’ll target with an intervention (e.g. Maryland Food Bank, Baltimore City Health Department) and explain why you chose it. Briefly describe the organization’s/community’s key stakeholders and their needs/values (Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Ch 6). Use these as an example! SYNTHESIS EXAMPLES FROM PRIOR CLASSES ANALYZING THE PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE: ISSUE: HIV/AIDS among southern African American youth. The three analysis studies selected all tried to identify why the HIV/AIDS epidemic has become increasingly concentrated among African American youth in the rural South. The studies collected qualitative and quantitative data from African American youth living in the South, and from their parents and relatives (Kerr, 2014; Lloyd, 2012; Piper, 2014). Each study identified lack of education or health risk knowledge as the single largest contributing factor to the elevated HIV risk among African American youth living in the South. However, the reasons provided for STI and HIV ignorance varied across studies. The most frequent reasons across all three studies were: (1) HIV stigma, denial, and misconceptions; (2) lack of sex education in school, or the presence of abstinence-only curricula; and (3) lack of access to health care (Kerr, 2014; Lloyd, 2012; Piper, 2014). ISSUE: Avoidance of vaccination Parents who delayed and refused vaccines were more likely to believe that too many vaccines can overwhelm a child’s immune system and leave the child more vulnerable (Salmon et al, 2005; Smith et al, 2011). Further support for this belief came from Kata’s (2010) analysis of alternative medicine vaccination websites; those websites included assertions that vaccination weakens the immune system, and that immunity is ineffective because vaccinated individuals still contracted diseases. Smith et al. (2011) also found that non-vaccinating parents were significantly less likely to believe that: vaccines are necessary to protect the health of children; their child might get a disease if they aren’t vaccinated; and vaccines do a good job of preventing the diseases targeted.

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