discuss strategies that can be employed to enable effective socialisation into the workplace

The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) -Medication Safety Standard ( Implementing Electronic management system in aged care)

Description Change Management/Quality Improvement Project This assessment applies to the following Learning Outcomes: • analyse the issue of ‘reality shock’ in relation to entry into professional nursing practice • apply a diagnostic framework to determine the cultural characteristics of a health care organisation • critically analyse the culture within a range of health care environments • determine appropriate strategies to manage bullying and harassment situations • discuss strategies that can be employed to enable effective socialisation into the workplace • critically examine the expectations of new graduate nurses from the perspective of health care organisations • identify appropriate self-management strategies to reduce stress • examine the role of the professional nurse from the perspective of; self and client advocacy; teaching and on-going professional development Introduction The demands of health care require nurses to constantly adapt to change; as new problems, new technologies or government policies drive the need for quality improvement (Bowers 2011 p.19). ‘Quality Improvement’ involves measuring, monitoring and analysing systems, processes or policies in an effort to implement strategies to enhance outcomes (Day and Leggat 2015 p.306). Assessment Instructions Using Lewin’s Change Management Model please identify an area of healthcare that your group feels could be improved. You could all decide to base this on one of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards you conducted a quality improvement proposal for in 2nd year (NSG2104) OR you can select any aspect of health care that your group identifies could be improved (as supported by the literature). NSG3204 Professional Studies 6 – Readiness for Practice Assessment 1: Group Presentation & Written Assignment Written assessment 40% mark loading Word requirement: 1500 Words NOTE: References are expected throughout this paper using APA 6th citation. Each individual in the group will present a paper outlining the following: 1. An overview of the area for change and how this change would contribute to quality improvement. 2. A brief explanation of Lewin’s change management process and how the stage you presented during the oral presentation relates to the whole process. Model is ( unfreeze, change and freeze). 3. A clear explanation of how implementation of a change could be influenced by each of the following issues: a. Staff experiencing reality shock b. Organisational culture and models of health care c. Expectations from employers for continuous quality improvement from all staff d. Managing difficult interpersonal relationships (conflict resolution), managing stress (including individual emotions) and building resilience e. Unhealthy work environments where people might be impacted by workplace bullying and harassment 4. The key challenges for implementing change related to the quality improvement topic you (and your group) selected and how these challenges might be addressed.

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