Discuss industry and market in terms of size, trends, and competing organizations.

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Market and Strategies of Juice Bar using “imperfect produce”

This section of the essay to accompany other aspects of a predefines business. It is to be modeled off of a juicing business (whole food juice, like celery, beet, carrot), names Roots. Roots accept “imperfect produce” from the Imperfect Produce company because the imperfections in the vegetables/ fruits don’t matter once it is juiced. This is our company summary: Roots is a fresh juice bar concept that is dedicated to serving the San Diego Community. Created by a group of dietitians, Roots’ goal is to promote healthy living through natural, raw ingredients. Roots utilize the power of super roots, such as turmeric, ginger, fennel, beets, and carrots that actively promote a balanced lifestyle. Each juice is curated for a special purpose that satisfies your every need. Some of the products we offer, aid in immunity, digestion, detox or just your daily multivitamin. All of the ingredients used by Roots are formulated by evidence-based research that target mechanism in the body to repair and prevent. We live in a fast-paced society that encourages eating convenient highly processed foods. Roots provide a solution and service by bringing high-quality nutritious products that are not only delicious but most importantly convenient for everybody. Our mission is to heal and empower our community through nutrient-dense organic super juices. The Market  Market size & trends  Discuss industry and market in terms of size, trends, and competing organizations.  Describe target market and discuss reason for choice (see description below) Target market is: Encinitas, California and we are aiming for the stay-at-home moms of the young and wealthy community that resides there. It is a health-conscious neighborhood who would appreciate the use of imperfect produce as it is more sustainable and reduces waste.  Provide at least two figures (chart, table, and/or graph).  Use a minimum of five relevant references.  Competitive analysis  Present a competitive analysis table comparing at least four other businesses.  Include a SWOT analysis for at least two major competitors.  Describe why you have the competitive advantage.  Marketing Strategy  Present an innovative marketing strategy.  Include a description of web and community presence, incorporation of social media or other advertising outlets and defends impact on business growth.  Describe the role of at least one emerging technology as a feature of business operation. Goals, Risks & Strategies  Include two short-term goals with analysis of two potential barriers and mitigation.  Include two long-term goals with analysis of two potential short-term barriers and two long-term barriers and mitigation.

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