Discuss how social exclusion can impact on the health outcomes of people experiencing mental illness (Australian Context)

HHB130 Essay Sem 2 2104 HHB 130 Essay Requirements The essay will assess the following unit learning outcome: * Analyse the impact of factors that influence health and well-being. Details of essay Select one essay question from the list below and discuss in a maximum of 1500 words how this determinant influenc es the physical and/or mental health and /or well-being of the target group of Australians. Your answer should include: “ Background to the determinant including any relevant statistics and; “ Evidence of how the determinant influences the physical and/or mental health and wellbeing of the identified target group of Australians , i .e. relevant health behaviours a s well as health outcomes- there may be multiple impacts including physical, mental and social. The impact of the determinant on physical and/or mental health may be positive and/or negative. You may not be able to discuss every aspect of the determinant and their impact on health within the maximum word limit; therefore you may need to limit your discussion to the major aspects of the determinant and their impact on health. For example, you may choose to limit your discussio n to the impact on either physical or mental health or to a subset of aspects or examples of the determinant. Your introduction is the ideal place to outline the scope of your essay . If you have any questions please discuss with your tutors. Please refer to the document by Marmot (link in Blackboard) which will give you background information on the social determinants. Essay Question Options: (please select one (1) question) 1 Discuss how social exclusion can impact on the health outcomes of people experiencing mental illness. 2 Discuss how social exclusion can impact on the health outcomes of people with a disability. 3 Discuss how livi ng in a remote area (isolation) can impact on the health outcomes of all Australian adults (please do not just focus on Australian Aboriginal populations). 4 Discuss how access to services (or lack of access to services) can impact on the health outcomes of migrants and/or refugees in Australia. 5 D iscuss how food security can impact on the health outcomes of people of low socio-economic status. You will be required to present your essay in the manner expected for Foundations for Professional Health Practice 100 with a correctly formatted cover page, contents page, page numbers (starting from page 1 , use section breaks to help with this), and an introduction, conclusion and reference page. You must use the APA 6 th edition for citing, referencing and formatting requirements. Further detail about these requirements can be found on Blackboard. The due time for this assessment is 11.59pm on the due date. Note that the maximum word count of 1500 words is NOT to include the title page, contents page or reference page. In -text citations are included in the word count. Once 1500 words are reached your tutor will stop marking so please keep within this maximum. Please type the accurate word count in brackets after your conclusion. Please do not use any tables or graphs in this essay. You will be required to use only credible sources of information for your essay sourced from the Curtin library (hard copy or online). Peer reviewed journal articles, credible books and reports are the preferred HHB130 Essay Sem 2 2104 sources of information. Credible websites such as the AIHW or ABS can be accessed via the Health Sciences Libguides on the library website. You need to use a minimum of 10 credibl sources of information found in the Curtin library (hard copy or online), preferably publishe d within the last 10 years (2004 onwards). You are not permitted to use sources of info rmation that are not available in the Curtin library catalogue as these may not be credible for academic writing. Please refer to the Libguides and online tutorials available on the Curtin library website if you need help with finding credible, useful information. Searching for and locating information can be a time consuming process to ensure you leave enough time to do this before you start writing. Academic Integrity All students must use the APA 6th edition guidelines for referencing available from the Curtin library W ebsite as these are the guidelines your referencing will be marked against . Your work will be checked for plagiarism; (either word for word copying or insufficient/incorrect citing and referencing) and if detected the Curtin academic integrity policy will be followed. Please see resources on Blackboard and the Curtin website on academic integri ty for further information. You will be required to submit your essay to Turnitin, you will have the opportunity to submit unlimited drafts for feedback before submitting your final copy. Please note that as Turnitin is text matching software it is unable to detect insufficient citing and referencing so you will need to proof -read for this as well. Every piece of information must be cited correctly Please check thoroughly . Must be identical to the library guide. It is not enough to cite only once per paragraph , EVERY piece of information must be clearly linked to a citation . Cite at least once per sentence or use joining words (e.g. œThe authors also found that¦) You cannot include information you ˜know’ without cited evidence Reference list must be perfect Please check thoroughly . Check for use of punctuation, Italics and minimal and maximum capitalisation . Include the doi or retrieval information for electronic journal articles. Whilst you can use software such as Endnote this is not encouraged as you may not be aware when mistakes are made and you will lose marks if you have not corrected any inadvertent errors.

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