Discuss effective communication and interpersonal skills including compassion, dignity and respect.

Health & Social Care

Use the case study below to answer the following three questions in essay format and ensure that you support your writing with reference to appropriate academic sources with one reference list:

Ms. Y is a 40-year-old woman who suffered serious, life changing injuries in a motor bike accident which means she is unable to walk and has little ability to move her hands. She is mobile in her powered wheelchair and has adaptations to be able to smoke her cigarettes independently. She was admitted to a residential and nursing home as an emergency when she first left hospital which has accommodation for elderly frail people and people with dementia. Ms. Y has always enjoyed an active social life and likes to go out to pubs and clubs with her friends. She went out on one occasion on her own returning to the home at 2a.m. on a night bus. Since then the home has refused to agree to her going out in the evening unaccompanied. However, they are short staffed and cannot provide evening support for her. The home is also encouraging her very strongly to give up smoking and have not provided an outdoor space where any resident can smoke comfortably and safely.

Question 1: Identify and explain which principles of ethics, dignity and respect have been breached in this case study? 3rd person.

Question 2: With reference to relevant ethical principles; discuss why and how the home could improve their service and their communication? 3rd person.

Question 3: Critically reflect on how this case may have impacted on you if you were a care assistant working at this care home? 1st person.

The client is happy for the information in Q3 to be fabricated, but has provided the following information: “I feel sad. The independence is taken away and the patient has to live with people with dementia”.

The client has been working as a senior care worker over the last 15 years in hospitals and the community. The client works with people with learning disabilities, mental illness and people with physical needs. They are also a care representative, student representative and a walking leader for medical complex needs.

Please use the APIE Model (Assess, planning, implement and Evaluate). Please explain why you are using the framework in the introduction. This is problem-solving process.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical and moral concepts pertaining to freedom, rights, responsibilities and the use of power in care.
2. Discuss effective communication and interpersonal skills including compassion, dignity and respect.
3. Examine and reflect upon personally held values and the impact they might have on practise, individual learning and own development.
4. Identify strategies for enhancing dignity and respect accorded to people in a care setting.

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