discuss and explain the concepts of providing Ontario patients access to their health records

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Topic: Providing Ontario patients with access to their health-related data Abstract (issue, methods, results, conclusions) of 150 to 300 words. (P1) Table of contents. (P1 List of abbreviations. Executive summary (a page or two). (P1) Body (3,000 – 3,500 words). Introduction. (P6) Methods (what you did; including a PRISMA flow diagram). (P6) Results (what you found). (P3/P4/P5) Result 1 (P3) – Result 2 (P4) – Result 3 (P5) – Discussion (of the topic area including strengths and weaknesses). (P2) Suggestions for further study. (P2) Conclusions. (P6) Appendices. (ALL) References (APA referencing style). (ALL) Format of the paper: The group paper must have the following format: • It should be well-structured, divided into logical sections, and include an Introduction, Literature Review, Discussions and Conclusion. • The body of the group term paper must be 3,000 to 3,500 words. • Times new roman, font size 12, line spacing of 2, and 2.5 cm. margins all around. • It should be written plainly, free of spelling and other errors. • It should end with a complete list of all the references that you cite in the main text. APA style is required for references. BODY OF PAPER 1. Introduction (discuss and explain the concepts of providing Ontario patients access to their health records; accessibility, efficiency, etc.). 2. Literature Review (Expand on the thesis below) 3. Discussions (Strengths and weaknesses) 4. Suggestions (Solutions and future policies/plans) 5. Conclusion (Overview/summary) Introduction – Accessibility (for both health professionals and patients) – Increased efficiency through interoperability, integration, and seamless care (which also reduces wait times) – Improved communication and engagement Literature Review (Thesis) / (Issues) 1) Lack of Progress for Implementing EHR in Ontario – P3 – Integration Issues (health organizations acting as silos) – Technological resistance from physicians and health professionals – Cost of implementing EHR – In situations when there is no access to internet, all the progress of patients and data would be lost (ie. Indigenous people) 2) Privacy and security Concerns – P4 – Issue of leaking/hacking personal data (encryption failure examples) – Inadequate disposal of old hardware – Unsecured mobile devices 3) Data inaccuracies – P5 – Data migration (loss and systematic errors of data during input/transfer) – Problems of gathering the old data of patients – Inaccurate representation/entry of patient information – Limited system menu options and Disposition of relevant information

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