 Identify community programs that have already been put in place to decrease incidence/prevalence of your public health issue. If the problem has not been addressed, please state this in the paper.  Healthy People 2020: Identify at least two objectives of HP2020 related to this health issue. PLEASE USE THESE LINKS: Select and describe, in detail, an evidence-based program from a published research study or an established foundation that you (as community health nurse) feel could be implemented as an intervention within this population within your community. Remember it should reflect action for the affected group or the caregivers. Include health literacy factors and the special needs of the population. 1. List a Project goal and identify project objectives. 2. Describe Project plan. Do a literature search to find out three ways that this issue has been dealt with in the recent past. 3. Identify collaborators and stakeholders in this community project. 4. Discuss possible ethical issues to consider while doing this program. 5. Discuss how this program would be implemented and how it would be evaluated for effectiveness. (The audience that you would be presenting this to would be the town board (politicians) who will give you funding and support your efforts to address this community problem.) 6. Discuss a timeline for the delivery of your program. Provide at least two ways you would evaluate the effectiveness of your plan. Go back to your research book to think about how to measure change. OTHER LINKS TO UTILIZE:

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