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Description This essay requires you to prepare a Health Advocacy strategy plan for the topic identified (child marriage in Bangladesh) essay should cover: 1) Include an introduction that briefly summarises the essay topic area and introduces the strategy plan. 2) Give one or two examples of previous interventions/advocacy efforts in your topic area. For each example identify and comment on: a) how the problem was represented, and the goal (Sustainable development goal) of the intervention b) the level of grassroots community mobilisation and participation c) the capacity of the organisation in terms of finances, membership building, and leadership – read Pastor and Ortiz (2009, pp. 38-43) d) the theory of change that the approach adopted e) tactics and strategies used to achieve the goal 3) Most of your essay should be dedicated to providing a strategy plan to effectively implement health advocacy. (Develop one new (or adopted also ok) advocacy strategy towards ending child marriage in Bangladesh ) This plan should include the following : a) the identified problem and advocacy goal is clearly linked to social determinants of health b) reference to a theory of change c) two or three examples of effective communication tactics to inform, mobilise, and pressure decision-makers d) explicit recognition that effective advocacy planning involves building citizen power to pressure power holders 4) Include a short conclusion that concisely summarises your key points. please kindly refer follwoing references: • Baum, F. (2016). The new public health. Melbourne, Australia, Oxford University Press. • Bobo, K. A. (2010). Organizing for social change : Midwest Academy manual for activists, Santa Ana, CA : The Forum Press. • Klugman, B. (2011). “Effective social justice advocacy: a theory-of-change framework for assessing progress.” Reproductive Health Matters 19(38): 146-162. • Moyer, B., et al. (2001). Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements, New Society Publishers. • Shiffman, J. and S. Smith (2007). “Generation of political priority for global health initiatives: a framework and case study of maternal mortality.” The Lancet 370(9595): 1370-1379. a) References for Case studies of previous advocacy work: Baldry and Vinson (1991) Szakos (2007) Kapoor and Choudry (2010) Fasenfest (2009) Hamel (2000) b) References for Strategy: Shaw (2013) Chapter 1 Moyer, McAllister, Finley, and Soifer (2001) Schutz and Sandy (2011) ICN (2008) Barnes (2012) Wise (2001) Thornton, Phelan, and McKeown (1997) Christoffel (2000) c) References for Communications Tactics: Rau (2014) Shaw (2013) Chapters 5 & 6 References for Theories of Change: Klugman (2011) Schutz and Sandy (2011) Moyer et al. (2001) Carlisle (2000) Shiffman and Smith (2007) Lamb (2011)

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