Determine the value of interest lost assuming an interest rate of 4% for the accounts that have been 4 and 7 days DNFB only.

A healthcare facility has the “Discharged not Final Billed” accounts as summarized below:

Determine the value of interest lost assuming an interest rate of 4% for the accounts that have been 4 and 7 days DNFB only.

2) Should the healthcare facility lease or buy?

A new server is needed in the health information management department. The purchase price of the new server is $6,000 and an annual maintenance cost of $500. The lease option is $1,975 per year. The useful life is 6 years. With an interest rate of 6%, calculate the lease versus buy scenarios. PV tables or equation can be used (see last page). Please show your calculation.

3) How Many Hours Does an Employee Work?

Based on a 40 hour work week for a full-time equivalent employee, how many actual hours are worked if the employee receives two weeks of vacation, ten holidays, attends a two hour meeting each month and receives 150 hours of breaks per year? What percentage of time is actually worked?

Bonus – calculate scenario using a 37.5 hour work week:

4) How Many FTE are required?

Based on an employee’s ability to analyze 5.5 inpatient records per hour, how many FTE would be required for 16,300 inpatient discharges using the actual hours worked from #3 above for a 40 hour work week employee?

Bonus: How many FTE for a 37.5 hour week?

5) Benefit Analysis

The healthcare organization is considering purchasing a new system. The department has decided the 5 most important factors in order of importance from greatest to least are: software, service, training, physical size and appearance. Three vendors responded to the RFP. The ratings from the reviews of the proposals of the items above with 5 being most effective and one being least effective are as follows:

Vendor 1: 4,3,3,2,1

Vendor 2: 2,5,4,4,1

Vendor 3: 3,4,4,1,2

Calculate the weighted benefit analysis for each alternative below:

6) Prepare a Capital Request form:

Prepare a Capital Request form for NEW telephone equipment for the department. The equipment has an initial price of $7,000 per the vendor quote received. An installation charge of $600 and a $200 freight charged will also be charged. The equipment has a useful life of 10 years and a $180 annual maintenance cost.

7) Horizontal Analysis

A) Calculate the horizontal analysis for four items in the statement of operations below. Explain why one of the changes may have occurred.

B) Calculate the vertical analysis of total compensation (salaries + employee benefits) compared to total operating expenses for 2014.

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