Determine factors that will show the target audience is ready emotionally and experientially to learn.


Topic: Bioterrorism/Disaster. Bioterrorism The remedy to bioterrorism is early detection and prompt response. Since the initial attack of bioterrorism is likely to occur locally, adequate knowledge among local residents is essential in early detection. Knowledge for the local community members will supplement key efforts by CDC put in place to monitor and respond according to bioterrorism attempts (Chen et al., 2016). West Nile virus attack in the Northeast serves as a lesson to create a platform for developing prompt reporting mechanisms (Chen et al., 2016). Public awareness on the relevant authorities such as poison control centers, medical examiners, animal health care providers, and hospitals can aid in controlling damage early. Training the public will provide wider scope for disaster preparedness and response activities. Nursing Diagnosis: The risk for bioterrorism disaster evidenced by inadequate knowledge among the public on how to detect and respond to bioterrorism attack. Readiness for Learning: Identify the factors that would indicate the readiness to learn for the target aggregate. Include emotional and experiential readiness to learn. Determine factors that will show the target audience is ready emotionally and experientially to learn. These include: – General feelings about a bioterrorism attack – A personal perspective on individual involvement in bioterrorism attack – Asking questions on what the audience would do in case of a bioterrorism attack – Elicit whether there are some members who have been involved in a bioterrorism attack Social Learning Theory: This theory implies that new thoughts and behaviors can be learned in a social context through interactions, instructing and imitating others. Since the audience comprises of adults, using a lecture in a social context and holding focused group discussions can impart new knowledge on recognition and response to a terror attack. This theory is effective in changing the public’s mind on how to approach a bioterrorist attack and help the authorities in aborting damage. Also, watching selected videos on previous attacks and how the stakeholders responded can aid in changing public’s view on perceived inability to stop a bioterrorist attack. Goal: According to Health People 2020, there are key five objectives for educating the public to withstand and recover from adversity. In this teaching, the following are the objectives of focus: – Protect the community from adverse health impacts emanating from biological weapons – Help communities develop resist, adapt, withstand and recover from bioterrorism adversities – Create active and prompt situational awareness to help early detection, response, and reporting of a potential bioterrorist attack – Public awareness on the existence of emergency management systems and their role in curbing bioterrorism – Understand that national and global security begins with measures put at the local level Both Alma-Ata also known as Primary Healthcare and Healthy People 2020 and involved in the promotion of global health issues. These two organizations are urging the Government not only to be involved in the healthcare of the individuals they serve, but to look beyond the health issues of the world in general. Behavioral Objective and Domain Content

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