designed to provide you with new insights into women’s health.

Photo Project This assignment is designed to provide you with new insights into women’s health. During this project students will be given the opportunity to explain the factors that influence women’s health. This will be done through the use of photography. For this assignment, you will be utilizing the information that you learned in this class and relating the world around you. Part A: For Part A of this assignment, you will be taking 5 pictures of factors that you think influence and impact women’s health in the United States. You will then describe how this factor influences women’s health. Part B: After you complete Part A, you will then reflect on this assignment and write your overall thoughts in Part B. The format for this project is provided on Oncourse under the Resource Tab. Grading Rubric- 50 Points A. Part A- Factors 1. Factor 1 i. Picture (4points) ii. Description (5points) 2. Factor 2 i. Picture (4points) ii. Description (5points) 3. Factor 3 i. Picture (4points) ii. Description (5points) 4. Factor 4 i. Picture (4points) ii. Description (5points) 5. Factor 5 i. Picture (4points) ii. Description (5points) B. Part B- Overall Thoughts of this Project (5 points)

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