Design and Implementation of Culturally-competent Health Care Plan

Design and Implementation of Culturally-competent Health Care Plan Paper instructions: Design a health care program based on the identified health care need for your chosen population (I will let you know what population I have chosen). This program should identify resources, including personnel; designs for client assessment, treatment, and evaluation; and a plan for future reassessment and revision. Discuss how you would implement this program, including a time frame and a 2“3-stage implementation plan. Use the SWOT analysis tool to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the implementation of this program in this practice setting. Identify and discuss at least one strength, one weakness, one obstacle, one opportunity, and one threat to your goal of successfully implementing this program. Strategize how you can overcome obstacles and threats and maximize strengths and opportunities. Conclusion: summarize the key points in each part of your paper, including citations for supporting literature. References: include a minimum of 10 references, with at least 8 of your references coming from peer-reviewed sources. Use correct APA style and formatting for your resources. Appendix: include the SWOT analysis you completed and any additional tools you may have found useful in your organizational analysis. these 8 pages do not include the reference page, abstract, cover sheet or table of contentsORDER THIS ESSA HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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