Describe the program structure and explain which one is better and why? Reggio Emilia or yours ?

Reggio Emilia model and community organization


you write a response to the Reggio Emilia model. Students need to compare this model with the local early childhood programs that you are familiar with Describe the program structure and explain which one is better and why? Reggio Emilia or yours ? Part II. ( outside of the previous 250-word limit) Additionally, list two (2) ways schools should collaborate with community organizations ? This is an Example Reggio Emilia model was created in Italy after the WWII to be implement in early childhood school. Reggio Emilia model let the child learn and experiment by their own without any estructure or lessons plans. Children’s or students can learn by playing, paintings talking or even perceiving what is around them. This model let the students play and interact with their classmate and contributing with different ideas, in this model teachers just observer their students without interruption so the child is able to learn in its own way. Region Emilia is a liberal way of learning because the students do not have to be attached of a specifics lessons or activists they can learn by their own steps. The local early childhood programs are really different comparing with regio Emilia model because the local childhood programs have lessons plans or specifics activities that the students have to follow with out any excuse. For example in the school that I’m observing the teacher follow a specific lecture and each day the students have to do the same things. On Monday they have writing activity’s, reading timed computer lab and so on. On Tuesday they have math class and some time the teacher let them play, but just a game that the teacher choose for them. In my opinion the region Emilia model is better than the local early childhood plans Because the students are able to learn and use their own language. They can learn by playing, painting creating things, observing others and exploring. This model made the students aware of what they like to do and what they can do and are able to do. The students are free to interact with their friends and playing and painting or even playing music together, using their own language by experiencing new things. On the other hand childhood plans are more strict and the students have to be tied on the structure of the teacher or school. 1- schools should visit nursing homes with students so that children can have a special day with them to play with them, and talk to learn about them. 2-Offer service learning to parents and other people in the community that need learn English by offering them free English classes at night.

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