Describe the practices or rituals that help you express your spiritual or religious beliefs?

Make an appointment to conduct an interview on an individual of your choice. Be sure to explain to them that it is a spiritual assessment and that all individuals regardless of spiritual preferences are able to participate.

1- Explain how your religion or spirituality provides comfort or serves as a cause of stress?

Note: Ask the individual to explain/describe in what ways spirituality is a comfort, stressor or both

2- How will religious or spiritual beliefs that you have possibly conflict with health care or affect health care decisions?

Note: Ask to identify/explain any conflicts. Be sure that they understand that this includes death and dying practices.

3- Describe how your church, congregation or faith community supports you?

Note Ask the participate to explain how the community is supportive or not supportive. If they do not belong to a community ask why they have chosen not to.

4- Describe the practices or rituals that help you express your spiritual or religious beliefs?

Note: This may include private or group occasions.

5- Presently, do you have any spiritual needs you would like someone to address?

Note: Ask what those needs are and who they would like to address them.

6- Describe how nurses would be able to assist you (or possibly your family) with your spiritual needs or concerns?

Note: Ask them to explain in relation to their own personal health needs or possibly an experience they are having with another individual who is ill.

Part 2

Each student will conduct and submit a spiritual assessment on an individual of their choice. The spiritual assessment with consists of four parts:

Part I: Conduct the spiritual assessment using the assessment in Appendix of the syllabus. Part II: Conduct a literature search and choose a scholarly article on spirituality and nursing care Part III – Participate in a small group discussion in class using the questions provided in class by the faculty

Part III: Submit a 4-page reflection paper addressing the following

Reflect upon your own spirituality and explain its meaning for you in relation to nursing practises.

Analyze the spirituality assessment you conducted. Describe how this experience may have changed your perception of the role of the health care provider in client spirituality.
Think about the small group discussion on various spirituality assessments. Identify at least two universal findings. What was your most significant discovery to consider in nursing practice?
What are two relevant concepts you can apply to the holistic care of clients based on your chosen scholarly journal articles on spirituality assessment in nursing practice?
All papers must be written in APA format and submitted electronically to turn it In

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