Describe the nature of the counseling in terms of the approach used by the therapist. For example, terms such

Instructions for Completing the Treatment Planning Assignment
There are a number of cases to choose from. First read through the cases and decide which one you want to
complete a treatment plan for. There is a sample treatment plan available for your review. Below is an
outline of each area of the treatment plan that you must complete. All treatment plans should include a
reference page with full references for any assessment instruments.
Short Term Objectives
These are goals or tasks you want to accomplish in the early stages of treatment with your client. Think
immediate goals such as establishing rapport. You should have at least 3 short term objectives.
Long Term Objectives
These will be more long term goals you hope to accomplish with your client. This might include decrease in
the severity of the presenting problem or a total cessation of the problem. You should have at least 3 long
term objectives.
This section should include any and all instruments you might use to assess a client’s condition. This may
include assessments that you may not be able to perform yourself, due to the expertise required. In that case,
you would indicate the specialist who would conduct the assessment. For example, you may want to refer
your patient for a full physical examination and this would be done by a physician. You will need to research
instruments, standardized and validated, that may be used to assess your client’s condition. Be sure to use the
proper citation for the measure. All measures have an author.
This section should describe the clinician in terms of gender, age, and therapeutic characteristics. In addition,
you should describe the clinician as having experience in the particular type of counseling/therapy that will
be conducted with the client. The clinician should also be familiar with treating the disorder.
Where should the counseling take place? Inpatient? Outpatient? Private practice? Community Agency?
Perhaps several different locations for different therapeutic interventions should be recommended.
This section should specifically describe the type of therapeutic interventions that are going to be employed.
For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation training, exercise, journaling, etc. Be very specific
about the types of interventions that will be used. This is where you really need to cite the research literature
on what is effective for your client’s disorder.
Describe the nature of the counseling in terms of the approach used by the therapist. For example, terms such
as highly structured, directive, supportive, confrontative, educational, might be used.
Number of People
Will the treatment be individual or group or family? This is the section that will detail the number of people
(clients) involved in the treatment process.
This section will detail the frequency of the sessions (how often per week/month) and for approximately how
long. If there are expected changes in the frequency, this section will describe that as well.
If medication is deemed necessary for this condition, this section should describe any medications that are
commonly used. Brief description of the medication’s effect on the condition as well as any potential side
effects should be reviewed. This is another section of the paper where citation from the literature is
Adjunct Services
If additional adjunct services are necessary for complete client care, they should be described in this section.
This might include, for example, referral to AA programs, support groups, residence in a group home.
In this section, you should describe the prognosis for this condition. You may use terms such as “good”,
“fair”, “uncertain” and make your prediction based on client characteristics (i.e. compliance with treatment,
premorbid functioning, support factors, etc). Be sure to state the prognosis for your particular case based on
characteristics of the client or their situation. Be specific about your case not just all people with this
Using the DSM 5, provide the code and full name of the disorder for the client. Remember to use all
categories of the DSM, including “Other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention”.
APA Style References
A proper list in APA style of the all the work you cited in your treatment plan. This should include, at a
minimum, two research articles found in journals. Try to avoid reliance on websites and the text book.

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