Describe the leadership attributes you hope to avoid in your career. Justify why you find these attributes undesirable or potentially problematic.

Beginning a Personal and Professional Development Plan
Think about your reasons for entering this master’s programme. What are your goals? Consider how you plan to reach your goals. That might be difficult to discern at this point. Even if you have some steps in mind, you will need to be specific and focus on the details of your plan in order to succeed. A good way to start planning and organising your thoughts is by writing things down.

Once you start to write down what you know, you can begin to identify what elements are missing. You can use what you have written to break down the related steps. A cyclical process of revisiting these steps can help you to develop a concrete plan. Keep in mind your plan may shift and change over time, but when you start with a plan, you will have a clearer path to reaching your goals.

In this first Individual Assignment, you will take a step towards cultivating your path by developing the beginning of your personal and professional development plan. This plan will be a component of your Final Project, in which you will fully develop your personal and professional goals in public health leadership, and you will conceive an action plan for achieving them. For Unit 1 though, your task is to identify your goals and consider some of the potential ways you will achieve them.

To complete this Individual Assignment:

Submit a paper in which you address the following:

Describe the leadership attributes you aspire to. Include your reasoning on why you selected these attributes in relation to your role in public health.
Describe the leadership attributes you hope to avoid in your career. Justify why you find these attributes undesirable or potentially problematic.
Explain how you can work to achieve those attributes to which you aspire.
Explain how you can work to avoid those attributes you shun.
You should fully state and justify any choices or assumptions that you make using the suggested resources for this unit as well as your own research. Include references to any sources you have used. All sources should be cited using Harvard Referencing Style.
personally I am a family physician doing master in PUBLIC HEALTH .
Here are some reference resource u should use to make this assignment
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