describe the function of EPO and how it works at a physiological and cellular level

erythroporetin [EPO] in sport

· Task:

Submit a 1000-word description of the use of erythropoietin (EPO) in sport using information from reliable sources.

This task is to be submitted to Blackboard using the link below and is checked through Turnitin and assessed using the rubric attached.

Your assignment must address the following criteria:

1. describe the role of EPO in maintaining homeostasis in healthy individuals

2. describe the function of EPO and how it works at a physiological and cellular level

3. describe how EPO is used clinically

4. describe how EPO enhances performance and which sports it is used in

5. describe the negative effects of EPO

6. discuss the benefits and dangers of doping in sport using EPO on the basis of the evidence you presented earlier

7. use information from reliable, current sources, generally no older than 5 years. It is expected that you will have used at least 5 sources you have located yourself.

Your work should have a descriptive title (at the top of the page – not as a separate title page, and also no contents page), introductory paragraph stating the purpose of the work and what it covers, the main body with descriptions and explanation, and a conclusion providing a summary. At the end, you need to present a reference list with all sources cited within the text. It is expected that you have used at least 5 sources that are current (within 5 years) and high quality.

Direct quotes are not allowed: you have to paraphrase the sources.

NOTE 1: Format your submission exactly according to the template attached here: Coversheet. This may differ from the Nursing and Midwifery format in some ways.

NOTE 2: The Turnitin Originality Report must be below 20% or you can lose up to 5 marks. You can check your work by submitting it and then checking the Originality Report. You can resubmit your work as many times as you need to get it below the required target. Make sure you submit your first draft early enough for the report to be generated and to make changes if needed.
**Please note: 20% should be used as a guide only. If you have less than this number but you have large parts of text that have been copied directly from your sources, this still amounts to plagiarism. Check your Turnitin report carefully, and use this as a guide as to whether you need to reword things, rather than basing it off your similarity score directly.

NOTE 3: Check the rubric in the link provided above before you prepare your submission. In this way you can ensure your submission covers all assessed aspects.

NOTE 4: Resources to help you with referencing and academic writing are available through the Library. For more information go to Library Subject Guides and Learning Consultants pages. Guidelines for assignments found here need to be followed.

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