Describe the first few months of the infant development in detail.

Interview Questions.. Please answer each throughly! Not extending deadline!
Interview Questions:
Prenatal ?Describe the pregnancy in detail.
When did she first realize that she was pregnant?
Was this the mom?s first pregnancy?
How did she feel about being pregnant?
Was this a full term pregnancy, or was the baby born prematurely?
Did she experience any discomforts during the pregnancy?
What was her prenatal care like?
How often did she visit the health care provider?
Were any kinds of medical procedures used? (AFP, ultrasound, Amniocentesis etc.)
Was the medical personal helpful in answering her questions during visits?
Did she read any books during the pregnancy to help her understand what was going to happen during labor and delivery? Were they helpful?
Birth Experience ?Describe the birth experience in detail.
When and where did her labor start?
How long did it last?
Did she feel prepared for this event?
Was the father or any other family members present? Did they help her during labor? How?
Were there any complications?
What assessments were performed on the newborn? This includes such things as recording weight, length, reflexes etc.
What was the Apgar score?
What happened to her and the baby during the next few hours after the birth? Was she able to hold her baby and bond with her newborn right away?
Did she feel the nursing staff helped her to adjust to taking care of her new infant? How?
How long did she stay in the hospital before going home?
Was she prepared for going home? Did she have a support system to help her?
Did the mom experience any postpartum depression (blues)? If so, how did she deal with it?
Infancy ?Describe the first few months of the infant development in detail.
What are/were some of the daily responsibilities of being the parent of an infant that were most difficult for you?
What did you like best about this stage of your child?s development?
When did your infant begin to sleep through the night?
How many hours a day did your infant sleep when (s)he was a newborn?
Did you breastfeed your baby? Why or why not?
Did your infant experience colic or any other intestinal problems?
What did you do if your infant was crying?
When was your infant able to sit up if supported? When could (s)he sit up alone?
When could your baby roll over in the bed?
When did your baby begin to crawl?
When did your baby first say something that you recognized as a word (ex. Mama, Da-da, Ba-ba etc.)
Did you read to your infant, or provide any other type of activity that might stimulate their brain development?
Conclusion 1 HER FIRST BABY HER FIRST BABY Student?s Name Institution Date 2 HER FIRST BABY HER FIRST BABY
The mother is a happy young lady who looks eager to be a great mom. Her smile and enthusiasm
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