Describe the concept of health and identify the factors which influence health, wellness, and wellbeing.

Supplementary Assessment Guide
The assessment for this module will consist of a 2000 word assignment, based on the following scenario.


Promoting Individual Health Assessment Scenario
Amber is 35 years old and is married to Patrick. They have a son, Thomas who is 6 years old.
Amber has a BMI of 32, which puts her in the obese category. She has a part-time job at a local supermarket fitting her shifts around school and nursery. Amber is unhappy about her weight and says she would like to go to the gym but finds it difficult to find time to get there and rarely meets her friends. She feels lonely and isolated when Patrick is out of the country, which he is often due to his job.
Patrick (Amber’s husband) is 37 years old and works as a long distance lorry driver. He currently spends more time abroad than at home. Recently he started looking for work closer to home so he can see his family more often. He has been unable to find a suitable job close to home but continues to look for one. Amber has noticed that Patrick is smoking much more than his usual 10 cigarettes a day. He also gets worried, sleeps poorly and seems irritable with her and her son easily when he is at home.
Thomas is 6 years old. He has slight hearing loss due to an episode of otitis media when younger and his teacher is worried he isn’t interacting well with his peers. Recently he has had several episodes of earache and tonsillitis. He had an appointment with an ENT specialist. The ENT specialist said that Thomas does not require surgery at the moment but advised Amber to discuss with the Nursery School and her Health Visitor how she can help Thomas to reach his full potential developmentally.
Amber’s father, John, is a widower. Most of the time John manages well but recently he has become forgetful and on one occasion, got lost whilst out shopping, a friend saw him and helped him to get home. He is now reluctant to go out alone in case he gets lost and has been isolating himself at home. He has a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which has been worsening recently.
Assessment Brief:

Develop a health promotion plan for an individual from the scenario, that is field specific, to promote individual health and wellness supported by appropriate theoretical perspectives.

Learning Outcomes to be tested:

1. Describe the concept of health and identify the factors which influence health, wellness, and wellbeing. (DEFINITION need to consider all the factors like physical, mental, social AND wellness and wellbeing need to consider society, environment, spiritual emotional, moral according to WHO and other Good sources)

2. Explain the bio-psychosocial aspects that can contribute to health and illness across the life course.

3. Identify health promotion approaches that can be utilized to promote individual health.

4. Recognize effective communication skills.

Students can use the following outline to structure their health promotion plan. Markers can use this as a guide to assist in marking/attainment of the learning outcomes.

The introduction needs to answer the following questions:
1. What? Give a brief outline of what the health promotion plan is about. Use what is given in the assignment brief below.
2. How? Give a brief guide to the structure of the health promotion plan.
3. Why? Briefly give a rationale for your plan. Define health, then define health promotion and state why health promotion is important (LO 1).
Factors which influence health wellness and wellbeing
Discuss the biopsychosocial (BPS) factors that contribute to the health and wellbeing of your individual and how they influence health status. Discussion can also include how health status relates to individual health and well being. Could include as appropriate how health status, as affected by stress, adversity, self –efficacy, active coping, locus of control, invulnerability, resilience and self-regulation impact upon the health status of your client. This will constitute the rationale as to why an individual needs and could benefit from health promotion. This indicates why the factors that impact upon the client’s health and well being are important (LO 1, LO2 and LO 4). Students will need to support their statements with accurately referenced academic literature (Students should review in the first instance material from the reading list week 1 and 2). For additional resources search the online databases available through the library website, for example, CINHL, Medline and Embase). Use Cite them Right to ensure that referencing and citing is in UWL accepted style.

Assess and identify the needs of your client/patient, carry out a needs assessment with your client, demonstrate that you have included your client in the assessment. Use the BPS approach, you can also use Bradshaw’s Taxonomy of Needs (normative, felt, expressed and comparative). A table could be drawn up and then discussed in the narrative (LO2).

Plan interventions with your client
Develop with your client and clearly outline the suggested interventions that could be undertaken in order to promote the health of your individual (you could include a detailed plan in an appendix and then discuss this in your narrative). Consider how the nurse will work with the client to support implementation and adherence to the plan using, for example, the health belief model to assess your clients’ motivation for change and/or the transtheoretical model to assess their readiness for change (LO3 and LO4). You need to support your actions, i.e. give reasons for them using references from the nursing literature, you will find these by searching the online databases via the library (reading list week 3 and 4) justify or give reasons for each of the actions that need to be undertaken.
Consider how you can evaluate the effectiveness (reading week 5) of these interventions that are being implemented to promote the health of your individual. In other words, how will you measure success and what will success mean for your client.

Health Promotion Approaches
Describe the health promotion approaches and strategies that can be used to implement the interventions (LO3). Select 2-3 approaches, for example, you could use, the medical approach, the behavior change approach, the educational approach, the client center approach or societal change approach (refer to course texts in the reading list available via the course Blackboard site). Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your description of the approaches. Reference this discussion. Articles in the Reading list (weeks 3-5 and Naidoo and Wills 2016 from the essential reading section) will support your writing in this area.

1. Summary of key learning points identified within your health promotion plan.
2. Recommendations as to what needs to happen next e.g. for policy development or further research.
NB: Please note that the conclusion should not have any new information.

You will need to use the recommended Harvard Referencing System. It is advisable to obtain an up-to-date referencing guide from the LRC at the time of writing your work since referencing guides change regularly. Use Cite Them Right to proofread your references, this is available online.
NB: This guidance MUST be used in conjunction with the Level 4 marking grid provided in the module study guide.

Larkin, M
Public health UK
NHS choice
Department of health
Naidoo and wills
Mitchell July (2015)
AND other good sources please…

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