Describe the case in terms of concepts learned in class and from text.

Include introduction and conclusion. (case study attached ONLINE EDUCATION).3 pages long, can include use of supporting exhibits if appropriate (dont count towards pages used). Do not “re-hash” a description of the case directly from the case. Describe the case in terms of concepts learned in class and from text. There should not be a need for references and library research on individual cases A case analysis is a process of identifying the problems or issues in a case, doing some sort of analysis to determine an appropriate course of action, and then making recommendations on how to proceed. Every case will have a number of issues, but there are always at least three major issues for each case. If a student has difficulty determining what the major issues are in a case, consider the following: What is the topic for that week of study? What recommendations can be taken from the text, models or class discussion which apply to the case? The case usually corresponds to the topic discussed in class the week the case is assigned. The class lecture that week was about THE CHANGING COMPETETIVE ENVIROMENT. ( CHAPTER 4 Piccoli and Pigni (2018) Informational systems for Managers.) briefly about the lecture in class please see attached summary of the chapter 4 and relying questions to that lecture. When you complete your case analysis, try to identify three major issues and follow this format for each issue that you identify: 1. Identify the Issue or Problem – Here you should briefly state/review what you deem to be a significant issue or problem. Do not re-hash the case narrative. 2. Analyze & Evaluate — Using the identified issues, analyze the issue or problem using concepts from the text, class lecture, suggested questions posted on D2L, or research. 3. Recommend Here you should specify further moves and options for the organization that was described in the case, even a plan that outlines implementation of these suggestions. Express your opinion in your case analysis. This is very important. The case analysis paper should be in this format: The first issue is, According to the text, the first problem can be analyzed using ……., For this first problem this company should …… The second problem is ……According to class lecture, the second problem can be addressed … .For the second problem, this company can …… The third issue is ……Based on research (cite), the third problem really means is ……A solution for the third problem might be … Brief chapter 4 with questions we discussed in class attached under ch 4 Case study attached under case study Please also answer 2 questions at the end of case study.

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