Describe Hobbes view of human nature. What does he think people are like?

Please refer to Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, and Hobbes’s “Leviathan” to provide short answer to the 5 questions about the readings. I have attached the picture of the reading articles related to the 5 questions in the materials section. Please view and read that articles to answer the 5 questions. Should you need any other clarification, please contact me as soon as possible. Please also be careful with the grammars and word choice. Thank you very much. ***Answer 5 questions separately, this is not the whole essay, you just need to PROVIDE SHORT ANSWER to each questions. Here is the questions for the article: Baroque Political Philosophy: Hobbes Leviathan 1) Look at the frontispiece (this is the engraved picture) to the Hobbes selection. Describe what you see and then attempt an interpretation. Be systematic: take the top half first, then proceed down each side. What do you think this engraving means? What does it have to do with what you have read? Look up the reference to the Book of Job (Ch.4, 33-34). What does this biblical reference mean? Why does Hobbes use it? 2) Consider the introduction where Hobbes describes his work. What kind of analogy does he use? How does it connect to the frontispiece? How does Hobbes link art and nature? How does Wertheim help you understand what Hobbes is doing? 3) Re read Hobbes Introduction with Wertheims discussion of mechanism in mind (Wertheim, ch 4). In what ways does Hobbes adopt and extend the ideas of Mersenne, Gassendi and Descartes? Describe Hobbes view of social science. What has he borrowed from natural scientists? 4) Read chapter 13 carefully. Describe the argument in this chapter. How does Hobbes describe the state of nature? What do you think of his description? How accurate do you find it to be? Come up with an alternative description of the state of nature. 5) Now consider the assumptions behind Hobbes description. Describe Hobbes view of human nature. What does he think people are like? Provide some examples from the reading. Now compare his view of human nature with Machiavellis. How are they the same? How do they differ? Now compare Hobbes to Shakespeare (Hint: compare Lears poor bare forked animal scene with Hobbes description of mans life in the state of nature as solitary, poor, nasty brutish and short. How are they the same, how do they differ? Finally, who do you think is most accurate about the nature of humans, Machiavelli, Shakespeare or Hobbes? Why? What is your nature?

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