demonstrate respect for dignity of each individual and for human beingGA 3: Apply ethical perspectives in informed decision makingGA

Scenario:Ferdinand Hartwig is an 85 y.o man diagnosed with advanced cardiac failure.Ferdinand is a widower with no children. His wife, Jeike, died over thirty years ago during childbirth and he never decided to remarry. Ferdinand thinks that he would only be that lucky once in his life. The baby, Genevieve died during the birth.Ferdinand and Jeike migrated to Australia from Austria following the 2nd World War. He has been happy here but feels dislocated from his homeland and native language. He learnt to speak English as he started a business, a corner store, and needed to communicate with his customers. He has had a number a friends over the years, but has lost contact with most of them due to his ill health or them moving away to live with family. His closest friend went into residential care in the next suburb and Ferdinand finds it hard to visit him.Ferdinand recently closed the business as he was no longer well enough to continue working. This has restricted his income significantly, mostly a government aged pension. As a result, Ferdinand is finding it difficult financially. He lives on the top floor of a block of units in his own unit and is worried about meeting his council rates, water rates and electricity bills. He is finding mobility difficult and is unable to get up and down the stairs without assistance.Ferdinand has an ulcer on his left leg, which has been there for fourteen months. He thought it would have healed after this amount of time. He also has the following symptoms: shortnesss of breath on exertion, bilateral leg swelling, hypertension, painful ulcer when his leg is dependent, painful ulcer after he has dressed it.Ferdnand has always been careful with his diet; however, recently, his neighbour Will has been doing the shopping for Ferdinand. As a result, the food choice are not those that Ferdinand would make. Ferdinand finds it difficult but is worried about offending his friend Will. Ferdinand likes lighter style foods (Such as salads and vegetables but Will keeps getting fast food style meals like two minute noodles or packet mixers as he thinks these would be more convenient for Ferdinand to prepare.Ferdinand current medications are as follows:Frusemide 40 mg maneSlow K 1 tablet maneMultivitamin tablet 1 manemetoprolol 40 mg maneYou are the community nurse who has been asked to see Ferdinand at home to attend to his wound dressings.
Length and/or format: 1200 wordsDue: 15/4/2014 Time: 12pmPurpose: The purpose of this assessment is to promote both problem solving and priority identification within a clinical scenaro.
Content:-demonstrate the use of pertinent concepts from Miller’s Functional consequences theory of healthy ageing to nursing care of older adults-utilise a clinical decision making framework that incorporates ethical and comprehensive assessment and person centred nursing csre while maintaining choice and dignity for older people
GA 1: demonstrate respect for dignity of each individual and for human beingGA 3: Apply ethical perspectives in informed decision makingGA 6: Solve problems in a variety of settings taking local and international perspective into account
Referencing:USe of APA style; references from 2002-2012

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