Demonstrate how these principles are applied in the care of the patient.

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Patient 1: History for Nurse and Patient Interaction – Health Assessment
Student (Community – Registered Nurse): Use professional nursing communication with the patient to conduct a 15 minute health assessment interview taking into account the following:• Introduction – nurse and patient• Situation – reasons for assessment, allergies, and relevant personal details• Background – health history, general health and psychosocial status• Assessment – observations, nutrition/diet, exercise, lifestyle, health beliefs and values, and cultural/spiritual/religious practices• Recommendation – confirm health assessment information and implications for wellbeing, recommend changes to manage and improve health and suggest timeframes for any plans
Note: You will have a maximum of 5 minutes at the completion of your nurse and patient interaction to finalise the written documentation from the interview findings and your progress notes for the patient in the health assessment nursing record.
Assessor (Patient – Raymond Nguyen): You are cooperative, alert and orientated. You are willing to provide all requested information. You like to ask general questions of the nurse related to the health assessment and like to know your observations and if they are within normal limits. You are open to discuss ways to improve your health through possible changes to your diet, exercise, daily habits, and lifestyle choices.
STUDENT (General Practitioner’s Office – REGISTERED NURSE)
Scenario 1: Patient- Raymond NguyenRaymond Nguyen has come to see a Registered Nurse at his General Practitioner’s Office for a health assessment. Raymond is not very active and has a stressful lifestyle with work and caring for his daughter’s children. He has some minor health problems and wants to improve his health through regular exercise, eating well and by making positive changes to his lifestyle.
Raymond Nguyen: male, height 172 cm; weight 74 kg (BMI = 25). BP 180/ 85, HR 104, RR 20,temperature 37.9 C, SaO2 98% on room air.Assessor (Patient)Scenario 1: Patient 1- Raymond Nguyen
BIODATA:• Raymond is a 63-year- old male (D.O.B: 17/01/1955) with no known allergies, and his current address is 52 Homebush St, Central, 2001• Raymond was born in Vietnam and came to Australia as a ‘boat person’ in 1979. He met his wife in the Villawood Detention Centre soon after he arrived but she died of lung cancer two years ago.• Raymond has a 35-year- old daughter and three school-aged grandchildren (Lily 14 years, Daisy aged 10 years, and Jack aged 6 years) who all live next door to him. He lives in a small two bedroom rented flat near the city centre. He spends time with his daughter and grandchildren each day.• Raymond is concerned that he has a chesty cough that is not getting better after five weeks. He recently gave up smoking but still misses not having his cigarettes – he smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 42 years.• Raymond drinks alcohol at home every night with his evening meal. He often consumes 6 to 10 standard drinks (beer, wine and spirits) of an evening. He sometimes drinks socially or on outings with his friends from the club.• Raymond works at the local newsagents, starting work very early in the morning. He looks after his grandchildren after school until his daughter finishes work. He does not have time for breakfast.• Raymond often takes his grandchildren to the park. On weekends he enjoys talking to his friends at the local Vietnamese Club where they share a Vietnamese meal together.• Raymond tries to cook meals at home but is often so busy that he buys take away from local Asian cafés. He always makes sure he has a supply of take away Fried Noodles or Rice to take to work each day.• Raymond takes his grandchildren to the beach on Sundays in summer. He doesn’t use sunscreen because he says he never burns – he just gets more tanned. He never wears a hat either.• Raymond is very family orientated and encourages the family to come to a local café with him at any opportunity.• Raymond is a Buddhist but there is no temple close to where he lives. He says he misses the chance to go to the temple at Festivals, but he has a small shrine in his flat.
Aim of assessmentThe Professional Communication Case Study Essay is your opportunity to discuss how nurses use professional communication skills to develop a therapeutic relationship with patients.
Answering this question in an essay format has three objectives:A. To assist you to develop academic reading and writing skills;B. To help you integrate knowledge about effective communication for developing therapeutic relationships using verbal and non-verbal communication skills, the principles of person centred care, and effective documentation (as discussed in the set readings for this unit of study);C. Demonstrate how these principles are applied in the care of the patient.
DetailsYou are required to choose one of the three patient scenarios (Raymond Nguyen, Eileen Murphy, or Bruce O’Grady) to answer the essay question. You will use examples from the scenarios to discuss how the nurse would use verbal and non-verbal communication skills, person centred care, and effective documentation to develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient. You have been provided with three (3) set readings (verbal and non-verbal communication skills, person-centred care and documentation). These set readings and additional sources must be referenced using correct APA style both in-text in the essay and on the reference list.
In addition to the three (3) set readings that you paraphrase, summarise and reference in your essay, you must also paraphrase, summarise and reference two (2)relevant, reliable and current academic sources in your essay. One (1) of the additional sources must be a nursing journal article, and one (1) must be from a reputable nursing Website source or report (e.g. the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) codes and guidelines).
The post History for Nurse & Patient Interaction:

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