Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical and social implications of your research and application of anthropological theory

Please address Dr. E’s feedback and implement his suggestions throughly in Chapter One. Please focus on his feedback before moving on to the next chapters “Application of Theory”, “Literature Review” and “Conclusion”. Please address his concerns. This section should be 4-5 pages long. The next section “Application of Theory and Literature Review”, please follow these instructions – Apply anthropological theory to explain the presence of your selected problem, the various contributing factors, and the social and cultural implications. In addition, explain how you will apply anthropological theory to ethically analyze the selected problem with its potentially complex and diverse components. Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical and social implications of your research and application of anthropological theory. The literature review will include an analysis of the research and literature that pertains to the real-world problem you selected. Be sure to use reliable and credible sources. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen literature and discuss how the research is situated within these publications. You will also show the successes and failures in past research projects and demonstrate how your research fits into the bigger picture of this topic. This section should be around 4-5 pages in length. The next section is the conclusion. Please follow these directions -develop a draft of the Conclusion section of your white paper. Summarize your research and provide evidence-based recommendations to address the specific problem. Your conclusion section should include the following items: A. Justify the appropriateness and projected success of your recommendations, based on your previous research. Ensure you address how your recommendations are sensitive to the diverse populations that may be impacted. B. Honestly evaluate the potential contribution of your research to the field specific to your concentration, as well as the potential future direction of the research in the field of anthropology as a whole. C. Address any ethical implications related to the collection or dissemination of your research and suggesting future actions to resolve these concerns. Also consider other applicable issues such as those related to public safety, cultural sensitivity, or resource management, and potential ways to resolve these issues. This section should be 4 pages long. Please follow the rubric provided below. It should include a title page, abstract, table of contents, main body, conclusion, formal reference list, and appendices, if applicable. The information should be cited according to the rules of the latest APA manual. You may include illustrations, photographs, maps, graphs, charts, and other nontextual materials, as needed, to support the underpinning research (though all of the latter should be placed in an appendix or appendices if used).

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