define and provide an example of an arguable claim as opposed to a personal judgment.

Argumentative Strategies
In presenting an argument, should a writer strive to be the final authority or a reasonable voice on an issue? Review Chapter 22 (Johnson-Sheehan, R., & Paine, C. (2013). Writing Today Second Edition) to understand the difference. Then, using your topic and one or more of your sources (please attachment for my topic). define and provide an example of an arguable claim as opposed to a personal judgment.
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Professor and Class,
To make persuading an audience easier reasonable claims should be made
(Johnson-Sheehan & Paine, 2013). When the author is persuading an audience the
argument should be backed up with evidence and support from credible sources to
prove the claim (Johnson-Sheehan & Paine, 2013). Reasonable arguments should not
be based on personal opinions or beliefs, and extreme claims should not be made
(Johnson-Sheehan & Paine, 2013). It is best to consider the argument from both
points of view and also give appropriate evidence as to why the opposite claim is
incorrect or disagreeable (Johnson-Sheehan & Paine, 2013). Aggressive claims can
cause the audience to not consider the other side of the argument (Johnson-Sheehan &
Paine, 2013).
In the article Parental Perceptions of the Preschool Obese Child, Myers and
Vargas (2000) make a reasonably arguable claim that the way parents view their
child?s weight can have a negative impact on a child?s diet and exercise activities
(Myers and Vargas, 2000). According to the article parents who had obese children
but did not view the children as obese did not implement healthy diet and activities,
and this proved that parents need education on what is healthy for children so they can
positively influence a child towards a healthy life style (Myers and Vargas, 2000). The
claim is arguable because some can disagree that the way a parent views their child?s
weight will not influence a child?s healthy lifestyle, and some may argue that parents
have no responsibility in childhood obesity. The beginning of this claim for the
authors might have been based on personal judgement, but to prove their argument the
authors conducted research and also conducted a study. The study showed how
incorrect parental views of overweight children could negatively influence a child?s
diet and exercise leading to weight gain rather than a healthy lifestyle (Myers and
Vargas, 2000). The evidence from the study helps prove the authors? claims. The in-
text citations for the authors? research, evidence, and statistics also helps prove the
claim. The authors also consider the argument from both sides giving statistics on the
opposite side of the claim.
Johnson-Sheehan, R., & Paine, C. (2013).
Writing Today
. (2
ed., pp. 439 –
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
Myers, S., & Vargas, Z. (2000).
Parental Perceptions of the Preschool Obese
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