Defend your position on the decriminalization of marijuana and its use for medicinal reasons.

Part 1–Topic and Rationale The substance chosen for this topic and rationale is Methamphetamine, and should include a detailed description of the client population chosen that abuses the drug. Examine the impact of substance abuse, addiction, recovery, and relapse on this client population, using two to three peer-reviewed journal articles. Part 2–Local Substance Abuse Base your response to the following discussion topic on the Doweiko text, Concepts of Chemical Dependency. Much of the data reported on the effect of substance abuse is on a national scale. However, the most effective responses to the substance abuse problem occur on a local level. How is it supportive to the families of people with substance abuse issues? Part 3–Town Meeting Consider the following scenario. You are attending a local town meeting. One of the agenda items is the planned establishment of a residential substance abuse treatment program in a currently abandoned building. There is much reaction from the audience, with many people expressing concern that this will become a magnet for drug addicts and result in an increase in crime and other related problems. Examine the role that public perceptions and attitudes play in providing adequate treatment for those with problems related to substance abuse. Specifically, answer the following questions: o As a human service professional who both lives and works in the community, what is your reaction to this issue? o Do reactions differ from a professional versus the role as a resident? o How would you respond when asked your opinion about this issue? Part 4–How Drugs Affect the Brain Base your response to this using the Doweiko text and the NIDA Web site. Follow these steps: 1. Review and provide a description of at least three publications or presentations that describe the effects of drugs on the brain. 2. Briefly describe the effects of drugs on the central nervous system (CNS). 3. Indicate how the publications you reviewed are similar and different. 4. Assess them for clarity and ease in communicating scientific concepts. 5. Indicate how these resources may be useful to you in your professional work with clients. Cite applicable sources. Part 5–The Definition of Addiction There are many perspectives within the Biopsychosocial Model of Addictions. Provide both the supporting rationale and the limitations of each subpart of the model to explain addiction. Select one of the three parts (biological, psychological or social). Present how an explanation of addiction based solely on that part may be misleading to the public. Explain how a more complex explanation that considers more than one part of the biopsychosocial model could help guide treatment and public policy more effectively. Cite applicable sources. Part 6–Two Substances Base your response to this discussion on this unit’s assigned chapters in the Doweiko text and on the NIDA and NIAAA Web sites. Also, consider and describe the position of the Wüsthoff, Waal, and Gråwe article regarding co-occurring disorders. Identify the two substances you believe require the most attention by the substance abuse treatment system and explain why you picked them. o How might your response differ based on age, gender, and racial or ethnic background? o How might your position change if a client were diagnosed with a mood disorder? Part 7–Marijuana Use Marijuana is the most prevalent illicit drug used by Americans. In spite of limited scientific evidence, many people believe that marijuana should be made more available for medicinal purposes. Others view this stance as a strategic tactic to decriminalize marijuana. For this discussion: o Defend your position on the decriminalization of marijuana and its use for medicinal reasons. o Use the assigned readings to support your position. o Search the Internet for recent information about the legal marijuana farms in Northern California and other states that produce medicinal marijuana. o Consider the information you find in your response. Every part must have cited references accompanying it.

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