Create a desk check table to show the results of your desk check test.

Test your algorithms with a desk check by using the following test values:

• Calories consumed today: 1877
• Calories expended today: 1285

Create a desk check table to show the results of your desk check test.
Continue developing the Visual Logic flowchart of the algorithm, including all modules.
Use this flowchart to check the values given for the desk check.


Excess calorie intake, especially where the daily intake of calories exceeds the usage, is the main cause of obesity worldwide. Moreover, there are many risks that occur due to excess consumption of calories. Other diseases caused by excess calories include gestational diabetes, type two diabetes and heart related disease. This programming essay will identify whether a person is balancing calories consumed with those expended.

This program focuses on monitoring the calories burned by use of calorie calculators These calorie calculators involve entering data of a specific person to the program on a daily basis. One is required to enter age, gender, height, weight and the level of activity or exercise he does daily or weekly. The amount of calories burnt when one exercises or when working can also be measured using a gadget known as on body calorie counter (Thompson,2009).

This program also involves monitoring the daily intake of calories into the body. Various foods and beverages contain different levels of amount of calories. For a person to know the amount of calories they have taken, they are required to calculate it with the help of calorie counters. They might be required to measure the amount of food in order to get the right fraction or multiplier in order to get the correct value of the calorie taken.

This program shall enable the user to know how well they are attending to his personal fitness. This program will also ensure one to meet calorie deficit goals and make necessary adjustments in order to be healthy (Thompson,2009).

The program

The first step is the input of the daily taken calories, say X. This data is obtained by summation of calories taken in each meal. These amounts of calories are to be obtained by feeding the type and amount of food and beverages taken into the calorie counter. This calculator displays the amount of calories taken which will be fed to this program.

The second step is the input of daily calories burned, say Y. This obtained by the use of calorific calculator, which is available on the internet. The calorific amount is obtained by feeding the age, gender, weight, height, and level of exercise and activity of the individual into the calculator.

The third step involves a comparison of the two input calorific data. The comparison should be displayed based on the following three cases. In the first case, if the calorific value X is equal to the calorific value Y, then the program should display “calories are in balance”. It should also display “No pounds/ ounces gained or lost”.

In the second case, if the calorific value X is greater than Y, then compute M , N and O, where M= X-Y, N=M/3500 and O=N .The value of M represents the difference between the calorific amount consumed and calorific amount needed by an individual. Then display “M more calories are consumed than expended” and “N pounds/ O ounces may have been gained”.

In the third case, if the calorific value X is less than Y, then compute M , N and O, where M= Y-X, N=M/3500 and O=N. Then display “M more calories are expended than consumed” and “N pounds/ O ounces may have been lost”.

The final data from the program is collected on daily basis and stored in the computer memory. This will enable one to monitor his health standards by calculating the average pounds/ounces gained or lost in a given year or month.

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