Contemporary issues in Public Health and Health Promotion

Contemporary issues in Public Health and Health Promotion Essay Component 1 Guidelines Essay 2.500 words Students may choose from one of the following topics. Mental Health HIV/Aids Vulnerable mothers and children Homeless persons Critique the responses of the following agents: Public Health, Health Promotion, the government and the general public, ensuring that you focus on the public health and health promotion responses by these agents (Using UK centred examples from 2007-2013 for your chosen topic) Your essay must include: Critically appraise the PH/HP response to the issue through its development. Provide examples You can use statistics and diagrams to demonstrate your research into this aspect of the assessment but these should be presented in an appendix. Analyse the policies and research evidence supporting the Public Health / or Health Promotion response to the topic you choose to explore. Discuss the influence the government agenda has or had You must discuss relevant Public Health and / or Health Promotion theories and models to support your discussion. Use public opinion poll data to demonstrate public views of the issue. Weight: 70% Length: 2,500 words Date due: 06.08.20 14 Re-Assessment 2: Individual presentation Choose ONE ONLY from the following topics: Suicide Immigrants and refugees Cost to health care Income and poverty Critically appraise the media responses to your chosen health issue Use examples from several forms of media i.e. Newspaper articles, television, radio, internet Use research evidence to support your critical arguments Critique how valid the information presented in the media was (compare with policy and research at that time) Impact on public perception and the impact this could have had Weight: 30% Length: 10 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A Date due: TBA Time slots information will be posted on Moodle Using the information gathered for assessment component one, prepare and deliver a ten minute presentation that critically appraises* the media responses to your chosen health issue. You must use examples from several forms of media, not just newspapers You must use research evidence to support your critical appraisal. Critique how valid the information presented in the Media was, by comparing it with policy and research on the topic at the time. Discuss the impact this had on public perceptions of the topic and / or what potential impact it could have had. Use a specific time frame in your analysis (between 2007-2013). A hardcopy must be submitted via the turnitin link prior to the presentation. This is to check your similarity report. A deadline will apply. A hard copy on the day of presentation is required. Allow five minutes after your presentation for question and answer time. 40

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