Components of a Ideal Health System in 2030

Ideal Health System Arrangements for the US in 2030 Research Paper Guidelines: What might the currently fragmented US healthcare system look like in an ideal sense in 20 years? How might current issues in 2010/2011 shape an ideal US healthcare system of the future? How might these healthcare systems be arranged? What advances should we hope to see in the US following 20 years of healthcare reform? Will there be greater regulation of the healthcare industry in the future? Present your group ideas on the role of technology in the US healthcare systems of 2030. Will there be greater emphasis on quality and in what ways might this affect patients and employees in the ideal US health system of the future. Consider the strategic planning, resource planning, and organization design that might already be evolving in 2010 to facilitate an ideal health system in the future US. What will the economic considerations and financial impact of a future ideal US health system be on the GDP in 2010? Instructions: €¢ Write 2 double-spaced pages discussing each topic below€no more than 4 pages total. €¢ APA format €¢ Cite at least 1 reference on each topic; more is fine. Following the guideline questions above, present ideas on healthcare financing, delivery, insurance, patient access, and reimbursement from these two perspectives: 1) What role for a population-based, ideal public health system? To what extent? My ideas: €¢ Incorporate longitudinal view of personal>community>regional healthcare €¢ Preventative/wellness and primary care focused €¢ Broadened, innovative services for health education and promotion, disease prevention €¢ Better consumer informed and culturally competent care €¢ Local to state public health depts: better funded, utilized €¢ Incorporate improved personal health accountability €¢ Clinical research close to community €¢ Expand role or nurses, pharmacists, other allied health roles €¢ Demonstrate environmental repsonsibility 2) What role for ideal reorganized/improved curative services? My ideas: €¢ Role of health info technology, other innovations? €¢ Clinical research role to improve curative model, treatment? €¢ Improve bridge from acute, inpatient care to outpatient care/medical home Suitable citation sources: Milbank Quarterly €¢ Health Affairs €¢ Journal of Public Health Policy €¢ Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law €¢ New England Journal of Medicine €¢ Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics €¢ Health Policy and Planning €¢ Medical Care €¢ Value in Health €¢ Psychology, Public Policy, and Law €¢ Journal of Health Economics €¢ American Journal of Managed Care €¢ Medical Care Research and Review €¢ Academy of Management Journal/Review

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