compare and contrast horror films (child’s play 1988 and Annabelle 2014)

The Assignment This is a chance to work on your own, applying what you have learned about the horror genre to two works of your choosing. Choose one of the sub genres we have or will be studying in class and choose an example of an older horror in this genre and a newer horror in this same genre. You cannot use any films that we have or will screen in class. For example, you might take an older slasher film like Wes Cravens The Last House on the Left (1972) and compare it with Alexandre Ajas The Hills Have Eyes (2006). Or you might compare a demon possession movie like Andrzej Zulawskis Possession (1981) with Marcin Wronas Demon (2015). Pick a genre, then pick something old and something new. Keep the following questions in mind: 1. Why did you make this selection? 2. What appealed to you initially about the genre and these films? 3. What did you expect or hope to learn by comparing the two movies? Briefly identify the elements of the genre as they appear in these films: familiar scenes, stock characters, typical locations, iconic details, stylistic features, and recurring themes. In other words, why do you classify these movies as a last girl film, a body horror film, or a zombie film? 1. Who are the heroes (protagonists) and villains (antagonists) in these films? What conflicts do they face, and how do they confront these challenges? 2. What do these filmed stories say about the cultures that produced them? What are the underlying beliefs and attitudes toward life? How do local customs, history, and ideologies influence the way these stories are presented on the screen? Comment on the film making. What special uses does the movie make of lighting, color, framing, motion, or sound? What do the acting, costumes, makeup, and set design contribute to the story? To what degree do codes and conventions change when they go global? Who was responsible for directing, producing, writing the script, casting, location scouting, and post-production work (editing, music, and sound effects)? Give more attention in your essay to the questions that seem most important for your chosen films. Be sure to give it a proper heading (name, date, instructor, course) and a title (but no title page). It should be between 6 and 8 pages (1,5002,000 words), double spaced, and follow MLA guidelines for a documented essay (parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page). Evaluation Your work will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 1. Focus: How well did you cover the suggested questions and stay on topic? 2. Development: How well did you develop your personal response, comparative analysis, evaluation, and research? 3. Accuracy: How well did you understand the material, use cinematic terms, and present reliable background information? 4. Expression and Documentation: How well did you use standard written English to express your thinking and document research using the MLA format

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