College tuition should be free for everyone

This essay is important essay for me, so please try your best. please, This essay needs to have 3 main points to argue. ( so it will be 5- 6 paragraphs in total including intro and conclusion ).- This essay must contain a well – developed argument, including the following elements:. This essay has to be a position argument essay, It needs to be OBJECTIVE.. Introduction with clear thesis statement.. Body paragraph including evidence from outside research to support your claim.. At least 1-2 solid counterarguments with refutations.. An appreciate conclusion.- From the beginning to the end of the essay, it should be obvious who is your audience is and what the essay’s purpose is ( to argue your point successfully ).- Address and avoid bias when searching for evidence.- Appeal to the reader’s logic using proven facts.- Contain enough evidence to convince readers and not leave the readers with unanswered.- At least one counterargument ( an argument from the other side of the issue ) and the destroy that counterargument with logic/facts.- End with solid conclusion that drives home the main argument and leaves to readers very convinced.- Check the length of paragraphs—hunt for paragraphs that are too short (fewer than five sentences) or too long (3/4s of a page or longer).- Check for incorrect point of view. For this paper, no first or second person: Do not use: You, Your, I, Me, My, We, Our- Check your thesis statement.- Does it: Identify main topic of the paper Include a clear claim/judgment about your topic Include a summary/map of your essay’s main points- Make sure every body paragraph has a clear topic sentence. It should:. Identify the main topic of that paragraph. Include an argument about that topic that links back to your main argument- Check for source usage: Do you have at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources?- Do you have at least one other source, either scholarly or valid?- Is each source introduced with an appropriate attributive tag the first time it is used?- Are all quotes in quotation marks? – Are all quotes, paraphrases, and/or summaries properly cited with correct MLA format in-text citations?- Do you have at least 3-4 reasons for supporting your claim/stance on your chosen argument? (Each reason should be its own body paragraph!)- Do you have at least one fully developed counterargument and at least one fully developed refutation before your conclusion?- Does the paper have a strong conclusion paragraph that really hammers home and closes out the argument?- Consider your pacing—do you give every idea an equal amount of space and “screentime”? Is one part of the comparison overtaking everything? Think about how you divide space in your paperDON’T DO THIS:- Don’t be bias in this essay, it really needs to be objective, logical.- Can’t use Logical Fallacies such as Hasty generalization, Non Sequitur, Ad Hominem, Faulty Use of Authority, Ad Populum, and Straw Man.

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