Cognitive Development of Children

Cognitive Development of Children


By the age of four years, children become highly aware of the information provided to them by adults, their parents are their individual caregivers. Gullibility refers to the susceptibility of a person to getting fooled easily or manipulated by an individual. In regards to their development, children between the ages of three to five years are typically unable to formulate and create their sense of separate self from their caregivers (Forrester, 2013).This fact means that children are highly affected by the perceptions of their parents towards them. Also at an early age, most children usually see themselves through the reflection imposed from the eyes of their caregivers. The message conveyed through the various communication processes by parents is highly robust and affects their level of self-regard. A great example is where parents view their children as incompetent in all aspects of both academic and social excellence. These perceptions of inferiority lead children to grow eventually old seek acceptance and a particular life direction from others. As the children see themselves as inferior due to the influence of the parents on their perception, another person’s viewpoints might impact their beliefs. This issue is due to the children profoundly unable to make incisive inquiries needed in proper decision making (Greenspan, 2008). As a result, children are cornered into make choices that counter their better sense of judgment.

1. Development stage of Theory of Mind

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In the chosen example, the development stage of the theory of the mind is social cognition. This phase is the primary facet of the ability of a child to interact appropriately with other children and also to see the world through their lenses. The fundamental fact of this knowledge mainly lies in the development of the theory of the mind. Theory of the mind refers to the comprehension of different people as capable individuals that have their various states such as feelings, motives wants, and thoughts (Pennington, 2012) .Around three to four years in children, a significant development occurs whereby children become aware that the ideas inside their minds might not be implicitly true. An instance of gullibility is whereby children are allowed to find out that a similar candy box contained pens and asked what their friend would think of the exact contents of the box before knowing what truly is inside the box.

Cognitive Development of Children44

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