clinical skill evaluation

clinical skill evaluation complete an assessment of your partner focused on food preparation and transportation along with some vital signs. This will be achieved using both the Clinical Skills/interview evaluation checklist and the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living assessment tool in order to gain both objective and subjective data. Part two: To complete this assignment you are required to review a reflection tool/ guideline available to you on the topic in U2Uni ?personal Tools for Success? and write a 250 word paper that: Identifies the tool that you used to promote your reflective thinking Outlines the context of the interview Identifies areas that you felt you performed well ? include rationales e.g. Felt confident when explaining procedure, because I felt I had the knowledge to explain all the necessary steps. Outlines areas that you feel need improvement ? include rationales e.g. I did not feel confident explaining the procedure because I felt I did not have adequate knowledge. Identifies resources/ strategies that may promote improvement

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