Briefly summarize the case study. In your summary, be sure you identify who the leader is, the issue he or she is facing, and what you believe to be the cause of the issue.

Dr. Paul Billingsley was recently hired from out of state to head the Department of Health and Human Services. After a few days on the job, Dr. Billingsley noticed that a large number of the department’s workers were smokers and that the smokers seemed to spend a lot of time going outside to take smoke breaks.

The department’s mission statement read in part, “To promote the overall health and well-being of the citizens of the state by providing necessary medical, fitness, and mental health programs and services.”

Dr. Billingsley felt that the number of smokers in the department did a disservice to the citizens and did not project the right image for a Department of Health and Human Services. So, after three months on the job, Dr. Billingsley issued a memorandum and policy update to all members of the department that read in part, “Beginning immediately, there will be no smoking on department grounds. Further, all employees are hereby notified that six months from the date of this memorandum the department will test all employees for nicotine. Any employee who tests positive will be given six months to quit smoking or be terminated. The department will compensate employees for participation in any type of smoking cessation program they wish to use to accomplish this goal.”

The new policy sent a shock wave through the department. Employees who smoked formed a group to protest the new policy. The workers initially sent a letter, signed by every employee who smoked, requesting that Dr. Billingsley retract the new policy. The letter stated that they did not object to the portion of the policy that prohibited smoking on state property, but that what they did on their own time should be no concern of Dr. Billingsley.

Dr. Billingsley replied that he would not change the policy, and that any further protest by employees would be considered insubordination and would be grounds for termination. As a result, the employees began to write letters to their state legislators protesting the new policy and asking that the legislature intervene in this matter.

A number of legislators did take up the issue and decided to hold hearings. When Dr. Billingsley was called to testify before both a house and senate committee on the issue, he demanded to know which employees had written letters. All the legislators who received letters declined to provide Dr. Billingsley with the names of any employee who wrote a letter.

  • In the body of your paper:
    • Briefly summarize the case study. In your summary, be sure you identify who the leader is, the issue he or she is facing, and what you believe to be the cause of the issue. Remember, the case studies do not present all of the answers or information. You will need to use the information available and draw your own conclusions about the situations.
    • Evaluate how effective this leader is in the ability to build relationships within the organization. Support your evaluation with references to at least one peer-reviewed journal or resource. Based on your evaluation, explain how likely it is that the leader will be able to build and maintain strong relationships outside his or her organization, with other public service leaders.
    • From the information provided in the case study, evaluate how well the leader manages professional responsibilities and priorities. Use examples to clarify and support your evaluation.
    • Examine how well this leader communicates both verbally and in writing. What role does communication have in both creating and resolving the issue?
    • Determine if the leader was effective in resolving the issue. Did he or she offer a solution that everyone understood? Explain. Support your decision with references to at least one peer-reviewed journal or resource.

Assignment Specifications

  • Your completed assignment should be approximately 3–4 pages in length, not including the title page and reference page.
  • You do not need an abstract for this assignment.
  • You must include a reference list with references to at least three different resources (peer-reviewed journals or other scholarly resources, assigned unit readings, et cetera).
  • Be sure that you follow APA guidelines for style and formatting for citing your resources in the body of your paper and on the reference page.

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