Benefits Of Telehealth Technology For Congestive Heart Failure In The Acute Care Setting

Benefits Of Telehealth Technology For Congestive Heart Failure In The Acute Care Setting Introduction Remote Monitoring allows health facilities to shift delivery from inconsistent monitoring to continuous monitoring. This kind of monitoring is geared to improve the quality of health services rendered to patients with chronic diseases. These patients can be easily monitored and then even reduce mortality cases. Patients with more than one chronic disease are number beneficiary of this program(Miller, n.d.). Congestive Heart failure diabetes, pulmonary diseases, cardiac arrhythmias, cancer, and other chronic diseases need continuous checkups and diagnosis to keep patients health at least safe. It is estimated that over 100 million people in US are chronic diseases patients (Charness, & Demiris, 2012). HomMeds Genesis DM Telehealth approach has been embraced by nurses because it is helping them to reach out huge number of patients (Miller, n.d.). With few nurses in US, these patients can easily lose their lives if advancement assessment approaches like Telehealth are embraced. Thesis statement This paper seeks to examine benefits patients can reap from teleheath services. In addition, the paper will seek to establish reasons why telenursing is the preferred nursing practice for patients with chronic diseases. Today digital assessment has helped in health delivery especially to patients who are far from health facilities. The chronic diseases that will be discussed broadly on this paper is Congestive Heart failure. Brief literature review Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) treatment and management remains a bigger challenge to patients because they fewer health facilities. Only few health facilities have established exclusive Congestive Heart Failure programs (Charness, & Demiris, 2012). Centers for Disease Control established that Congestive Heart Failure is the leading chronic disease in US and most of the patients are over 65 years (Charness, & Demiris, 2012). This means that the elderly people lives are in jeopardy because they are most affected by this disease. Telehealth services according to director of Home Care Services for Lake Health, Bill Kahl has helped his organization to timely establish health status of the patient. In addition, the telehealth has helped health practitioners to deal with incoming health problems at ease because the system analysis received data to gives them a hint of what is expected (Charness, & Demiris, 2012). Description of the case/situation/conditions CHF management remains a challenge because the situations requires urgency. The patients demand quick response from doctors to safe their life, a situation which Telehealth program still faces difficulties to deal with. Discussion Telenursing involves use of technology to deliver nursing services to patients away from the facility(Lundy,2001). Nurses delivering this kind of service can plan, monitor patients, collect data, intervene or evaluate their services using internet services, telephone calls conversations, and social media. These services help them to establish whether they are making any progress with their work. This kind of approach can help them improve their services because they can get immediate response from their patients about the quality of their services. Congestive Heart failure in US affects more than 5.8 million people a situation that has worried health practitioners(Miller, n.d.). Telehealth services to CHF patients since its establishment, sharp reduction hospitalization level has been witnessed. Now patients can manage the condition because they can get advice from professional personnel. Nurses have been able to monitor their patients progress even though few challenges have arisen. Sean Slovenski has noticed that 75% of the patients now get their services away from his facility. These patients too they can now easily access emergency services because they have instant contact with health care providers (Miller, n.d.). Unlike those patients who have failed to enroll to the programs, Telehealth gives the patients instant response to their patients. In addition, doctors find it easy to CHF patients under Telehealth program because they already have patients history (Lundy,2001). This program helps the health practitioners keep the patients health history since they have constant conduct. Summary of the case CHF patients in the world experience tough financial times because of high fees charged. Even though the prices at times are subsidized, the patients find it hard to pay for the services. Telehealth patients can only get few services compared to hospitalized patients who are can access a wide range of services. Proposed solutions The government must ensure that chronic diseases patients are enrolled in the TeleHealth program to help to reduce mortality related cases. Establishment of these programs must involve all stakeholders to make the project a success. Educating the public about benefits of enrolling on Telehealth, programs will safe more patients from unnecessary deaths. In addition, the government should pump more funds to finance these facilities so they can serve huge number of patients than before. The facilities should also seek to eliminate conditions for admission. Due to conditions set by the Health facilities the patients are shying away to join them. For example, Jewish Home & Hospital Services Life Care project only accepts patients aged 65 years and above locking out huge number patients. Conclusion Health stakeholders together with the government can curb chronic diseases deaths if Telehealth services are established. A common approach to defeat these diseases is only way to improve health delivery to patients. Even though funding remains as main obstacle, the sector has witnessed noticeable progress. References Charness, N., & Demiris, G. (2012). Designing telehealth for an aging population: A human factors perspective. Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis. Lundy, K. (2001). Community health nursing: Caring for the public health. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Miller, C. (n.d.). Nursing for wellness in older adults (Seventh ed.).

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