Apply the evaluation criteria to the alternatives you have identified

Creation or amending of a healthcare policy as a CRNA

The goal of this assignment is for the student to synthesize concepts and cumulate them into a succinct health policy issue analysis paper to be written in APA format. Each paper must have at least five current, peerreviewed journal articles, properly referenced. You should chose an issue relevant to nursing or advanced nursing practice. (CRNA) My focus has been on full practice authority within the VA health system as you can see from the speech I’ve added for reference material. I would like something along these lines if possible. Before you begin to write, identify a journal that would be an appropriate venue for your topic. Journal articles that we have use in the class are good places to start, but depending on your topic, other clinical or healthcare journals might be a better fit. You will want to look at the journal you are considering to see whether they publish policy papers before settling on a journal. While some journals use other formatting styles, we will stick with APA for the assignment since all of you are very familiar with it by now. You will want to keep your argument succinct, while still covering the content. Please submit the Author Guidelines for the Journal you selected along with your final paper. You should use the outline below to guide your policy analysis paper. I. Title Page in APA format with running head and page number II. Abstract – Write the abstract once you have finished writing your paper. An abstract is the overview of what the reader should expect to find in the article. III. Analyzing the Problem: Problem Analysis – What is wrong and why?

a. Key nursing policy area(s) needing analysis and resolution b. Why is the topic important? c. Provide a history or background of the policy issue d. Discuss the social, economic, ethical, legal, political factors related to the policy IV. Issue Statement a. Provide an issue statement is the form of a question b. Discuss the stakeholders and their vested interest c. Discuss conflicts of key values, if any d. Goal and objectives: What must be done and why? V. Policy Options and Alternatives a. Describe policy alternatives for resolving the issue

b. Identify criteria for evaluation c. Apply the evaluation criteria to the alternatives you have identified VI. Policy Recommendations a. What are the specific courses of action that could be taken related to the policy? b. What might the implications or possible outcomes be if that alternative was selected? c. Description of preferred alternative(s) d. Outline the implementation of strategy VII. Conclusion VIII. Formatting-Grammar Spelling APA: a. Cite any statement that is not your own in the text b. Spell check your work c. Use proper grammar and spelling d. Provide a reference list

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