Analyze concepts related to phenomena of interest

Many people have evoked the metaphor of a house to describe a theoretical foundation for research. Using this imagery, concepts are the building blocks of the construction. Each block (concept) must be unambiguously defined and consistently applied to create a stable foundation.
This week, you delve more deeply into the development of your theoretical foundation, examining the purpose and significance of concepts. In this week’s Discussion, you select and define a primary concept related to your phenomenon of interest. In the Assignment, you apply Walker and Avant’s method of concept analysis to your selected concept. You will continue to refine your concept analysis in Week 4.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Analyze concepts related to phenomena of interest
Apply concept analysis methods to selected concepts
Analyze the effects of concept analyses on concept perception concept is a mental image of a phenomenon. It is not the thing or action (the actual phenomenon); it is the idea or image of a phenomenon that one holds in mind. Individuals use language to name and define concepts, and sometimes the words people use to convey their ideas to others are insufficient. When that is the case, they may need to choose different words to deepen and clarify understandings, although a specific phenomenon and concept can remain unchanged (p. 59). This process is not only valuable for promoting effective communication; concepts become operationalized as variables that can be tested in research, so clarity and consistency is vital.
In the Week 2 Discussion, you identified concepts that may relate to your phenomenon of interest. For this Discussion, you select one primary concept on which to focus, examine the literature, and begin to develop a clear definition of the selected concept for the purposes of future research.
Note: You may find it helpful to read the instructions for this week’s Assignment before you begin working on this Discussion.
To prepare
Reflect on the phenomenon of interest and concepts you identified in the Week 2 Discussion. Based on the insights you have gained this week, would you like to make any modifications to your phenomenon and/or concepts? If so, you may do so before posting to this Discussion.
Although you will identify more than one concept for your research, select one primary concept on which to focus for this Discussion. Your concept should be one word or a very short phrase (e.g., “quality of life”).
Review the literature to see how this concept is defined in various sources. Remember to look at literature across all disciplines in which this concept may be used. Also search for all known definitions of the word in an unabridged dictionary.
As you do this, consider the following:
Has the concept been developed directly from nursing or health care research or practice, or has it been borrowed or derived from another discipline?
To what degree is the concept abstract or concrete?
How suitable is this concept for your intended use?
Formulate a definition of the concept that aligns with your intended research. (Your definition may continue to evolve as you complete your concept analysis for the Assignment introduced this week. In addition, you will likely make adjustments as you proceed through this course and/or later in this PhD program if you continue to address the concept.)


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