a research paper on the chemistry of e cigarettes this paper will discuss the chemical additives such as nicotine flavorings metal elements and vitamin e acetate that pose users at risk of developing short and long term health consequences

Write a 20 page research paper in the style of the American Chemical Society and an additional 5 pages for annotated bib

12 font times new roman

Double Space


IN TEXT CITATIONS —> foot notes

Synthesize information from peer reviewed research and review articles that represent various points of view and approaches

Minimum of 10 articles

5 of the articles must be within the last 5 years and peer reviewed

5 must be original research (not review articles)

7 must be peer reviewed

Analyze the evidence to reveal patterns, similarities, and differences and acknowledge assumptions and limitations of the work

Describe the significance of the research and the impact on the scientific community

Paper must include pictures and figures to support your data and research

****At the end of the paper (not included in the 20 pages) include an annotated bibliography for each article used in the paper, describe the purpose/main point criticism or reflection on validity of information, and how article will be used for your paper. Can be 4 sentences each****

Add in footnotes to cite sources within paper

My research proposal:

The chemistry of vaping. We’ve been hearing in the news, of so many cases that are vaping related and tons of teens being hospitalized or even dying. But what struck my interest was that if e-cigarettes were known to be a safer alternative than traditional cigarettes, what is causing all of the harmful side effects? In my paper, I will be discussing the chemical composition and toxicity of e-cigarettes. Recently discovered, scientists have conducted studies that show in addition to nicotine and flavorings, e-cigarettes may also contain dangerous carbonyl compounds.

The topic of my paper is the chemistry of e-cigarettes however the subtopics/paragraphs will discuss the potentially harmful chemical substances of e-cigarettes including:

  • Nicotine
  • Flavorings,
    • for example benzaldehyde, cinnamaldehyde, citral, and vanillin
  • Heavy metals,
    • For example: nickel, tin, and lead
  • Vitamin E acetate
    • Has been linked to EVALI


Websites that may help:




****attached below is a 5 page introduction that I had written. You can either use this for my paper, take ideas from it, add onto it, or not completely use it at all. Use it to your advantage****

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