A nurse leader

Reflective Exercise 2 Part 1: For each chapter in the assigned reading, discuss the following: 1 Identify the major points/principles/concepts the author was emphasizing in the chapter. 2 Discuss how these points/principles/concepts are being implemented or may be implemented in the future in your practice as a nurse leader. Provide specific examples to support your discussion points. Cite 3“5 professional references to support your position. Part 2: Based on the reading in Part 1, develop an exemplar that profiles how you may have managed a crisis or conflict situation in the professional practice setting or how you have observed a nurse leader deal with such a situation. Use the œInterest-Based Conflict Resolution Process in chapter 6 of the reading for this module/week to guide you as you develop the exemplar. Cite references as appropriate using APA format. Part 3: Using the 10 stages of conflict resolution (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch), critique the process you described in your exemplar against the 10 stages and address the following questions: 1 How closely was your approach in your exemplar aligned with the 10 stages? Discuss the similarities and differences. 2. Based on the 10 stages, reflect on how you would approach a conflict/crisis in future situations. Discuss whether or not the 10 stages serve as a framework for your practice moving forward. Why or why not? Support your discussion points with cited references. 3 Discuss how effectively managing conflict contributes to quality and safe patient care. Support your discussion with references using APA format. This assignment must be 4“6 pages, not including the title and reference pages. Submit this assignment via SafeAssign Criteria Robust discussion of the major points of the assigned chapters and discussion as to the application of some of the concepts that could be applied to the practice setting as a nurse leader . A thoughtful exemplar is submitted using the Interest-Based Conflict Resolution Process in a real-life situation in the practice setting A comparison of the conflict described in the exemplar with the 10 stages of conflict resolution profiled in Porter-O’Grady & Malloch (differences and similarities) Quality of work including: Correct use of APA format (especially in citation of sources) Thoroughness Clarity of writing Grammar Evidence of critical thinking Application of concepts from assigned readings Required source: Porter-O’Grady, T., & Malloch, K. (2011). Quantum leadership: Advancing information, transforming health care (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 9780763784690. Submitted via SafeAssign

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